FAIL to Win

F.A.I.L. = For, All, Is, Love Change the way you see failure and start making use of all of those hard-won lessons. You can choose happiness AND success!

Women’s empowerment may conjure images of bare-breasted women holding a joint in one hand and the ashes her bra in the other.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth….for most of us. Modern day women’s empowerment is about getting to the root of your own bullshit. It’s about staying in your lane 100% and finally, FINALLY putting yourself somewhere on your own priority list.

If you’re reading this, I bet you’re sick and tired of feeling like you’re the only one who cares about this shit.

In just your home situation alone, you swear, you must be the only one who cares about whether or not the dishes get done, the floor gets vacuumed or the mail gets checked.
It’s not just the logistics of these unfinished chores that gets you. You can do “stuff.”  You’ve been doing “stuff” your whole life. Doing stuff isn’t the problem.
It’s the fact that everyone else’s health and well being seem to matter more to you than it does to them. Which begs to the question, ‘what of YOUR wellbeing???” If they don’t give a rats ass about their own home and health then logic holds that yours falls so far from their radar it might as well be buried with the Titanic. 

It’s not just chores, it’s appointments, and follow up. Add bills and making money to pay the bills to that list. It’s getting enough of the the “have-tos” done that you can find a kernel of time for some of your “want-tos.” You feel like everyone else gets to do the things THEY want and the magical, bill paying, laundry folding, customer service calling, goal encouraging, yard mowing, grocery budgeting, sweet nothing whispering fucking fairy just happens to take care of every.thing.else.for.them. 

At the end of the day…who is there for you? 

Logically, you know they’re there for you in their own way. And there’s a lot that you don’t know that gets done because, … well, it gets done so it’s not even there to notice. When you’re in that dark place, however, you may have a quick, grateful thought but, unfortunately, the feeling that should accompany it is nowhere to be seen. And now you feel like an ungrateful shit.

And then there’s the soul crushing hopelessness.

It’s not even the loneliness, the exhaustion or even the resentment that hurts the most. When you’re struck by one of these low points it’s the feeling of complete and utter hopelessness that can unravel a lifetime’s worth of success in a mere heartbeat.

What brings you to tears in the shower is the deep seated fear that this is never, ever going to change because even when the age and stage of the kids changes, or this job/contract turns to that one, or whatever inevitable shift is coming down the pipe, people are still people and who on God’s green earth is going to ever give two craps about you and your struggle when they’re in the midst of theirs? Aaaannnnd … now you can add ungracious asshole to your self-admonishments for forgetting that in the first place. 

What goes perfectly with today’s heaping helping of resentment?? Why, a side of guilt of course. *eyeroll*

When you can relate to any or all of this you really, REALLY need the tools of women’s empowerment.

The beautiful gift we have as women is that we experience life in variegated layers. Our lives are never one dimensional.

A blessing and curse, of course, this truth means that you are forever navigating a course that only you will ever truly feel the truth of. Women’s empowerment isn’t really about gaining the confidence to speak your truth, finding the self worth necessary to set healthy boundaries or even being strong enough to let go of the people and circumstances that don’t serve your highest good. Those are fringe benefits, of course, but they should never be the goal. Manhandling the stuff outside of ourselves, forcing everything else into submission, is an exercise in futility. No.

Women’s empowerment is about going inward. Women’s empowerment is about:

  • knowing yourself so well that even in your darkest moments you can’t forget how strong you are.
  • exorcising the this/or that duality from your life and creating this/and that scenarios instead.
  • knowing your power, building on that power and sharing that power in a way that is sustainable instead of depleting.
  • most importantly, it’s about loving yourself, others and circumstances SO deeply that you know exactly how to use them all (even the shitty ones) to your advantage. 

I’m not here to teach you how to focus on the positive. You already know how to do that and it’s fucking exhausting without the rest of the formula.

I’m here to teach you the tools I use to incorporate every complicated feminine experience into my journey. I’m here to give you actionable exercises and loving accountability so you can use every stage of life to lift you to your next highest goal. I want you to be able to do what I do when life keeps piling on…kick that garbage underneath you and use it to raise you to new and better heights.

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