The energy of 1,000,000 tiny miracles have kept me focused enough to receive 1 major miracle today.

The Energy of 1,000,001 Miracles

I get stuck

I have to admit, sometimes, despite my best efforts to stay in a feeling of abundance I get stuck and it’s hard to shut down my fear.

Then I remember the second tenet of the manifesto: “Notice the fear that arises and I will listen to it and use it. I will not suppress it.”

So, that’s what I do.

I notice my fear: “Hello fear!! You’re still here, I thought you’d left.” Fear is usually surprised that I’m not hightailing it to the next distraction so it just sits there like a bowling ball in my stomach or a knot in my throat. I listen to it: “How are you? It seems like you have something you need to get off your chest.” When I go into that space in my body (stomach or throat) to feel the fear it isn’t long before the impression of a heavy sigh of relief hits me. As though fear is saying, “oh, thank goodness, you’re actually listening!” Then there’s a moment where it’s as if Fear is collecting its thoughts. “It’s just that you’re asking for a LOT of money in a very short time.

  • Where is it going to come from?
  • What if it doesn’t come?
  • What if there aren’t enough opportunities to receive it?
  • Everyone is broke right now and I’m afraid you’ve bitten off more than you can chew.
  • Especially since you’ve never really felt what it’s like to have more than enough…not really.

I use it: “Thank you, Fear. I see that you’re really trying to protect me here. I’m just going to ask a few questions myself, if you don’t mind.

  • I wonder how many people receive more money than I’m asking for in less time?
  • Do those people worry about where it’s going to come from to try to solve their own problem or do they put all that focus into the problem they’re trying to solve for others?
  • What if it does come?
  • What if there are more opportunities than I can currently conceive of simply because I’m only just now growing this perception in myself?
  • Everyone is broke right now, really?
  • What ways do I have to feel the feeling of “more than enough” right here and right now?”

I have the option to begin arguing with my Fear and just making counter statements but when I do that my Fear argues back with lots and lots of evidence about how he’s right and I’m wrong. His evidence is really compelling, too, because it comes with that punch in the gut feeling that makes it feel like the only truth.

But when I ask questions of my Fear I get him to explore with me. I ask, “what if it does come?” and the images of

  • the relief, AND
  • soul-filling gratitude, AND
  • absolute thrill of knowing this worked and maybe being able to help others do it for themselves some day, AND
  • a higher level of self-efficacy, AND
  • renewed confidence, AND
  • a passionate drive to create more solutions because I am NOT the only who has things like this happen and if I can help others through it then by golly that’s what I’m gonna do!!

Pretty soon we’re doing a little happy dance together because it is a dang good time receiving money!!

1,000,001 Miracles

That last question, “What ways do I have to feel the feeling of ‘more than enough’ right here and now?”, is the one that keeps me in that total abundance feeling. I emphasize the word “feeling” because our beliefs are built on what we feel to be true, not what we think to be true. I want abundance to be my truth so I must practice feeling it…deeply and profoundly.

The TRUTH is we’re surrounded by abundance, we just don’t notice it most of the time because it has become so commonplace.

When I get stuck I dive into the immeasurable wealth that surrounds me.

  • The view outside my window shows off a beautiful display of the silvery, shimmering poplar leaves every morning. I know it is a finite number of leaves on that tree yet every morning I try to count them from where I sit and I cannot…there are more than I can count and it is just the beginning of the day!
  • I use a foaming cleanser on my face every morning. I take a moment to realize that there are so many bubbles in that ½ squirt I use that the spray seems solid until you look more closely and when I rub my hands together I get even MORE bubbles!! Can you believe it…it’s like they cannot help but multiply!!

    1,000,001 Miracles

    See all those awesome bubbles?!

  • The simplest outfit has so much thread in the cloth that I cannot tell where they all go together and I get to wear all of that abundance each and every freaking day!!
  • How many oxygen molecules do I breathe in each day? How many carbon dioxide molecules do I breathe out? The number is so high I can’t even fathom it!! I’m literally breathing abundance in and out every single moment of every single day and I don’t even have to think about it!!
  • Blades of grass
  • Stars in the sky
  • Opportunities to send and receive smiles

The list positively endless!! I’m giddy all over again just writing this list. The bowling ball in my belly turns to giggles and the knot in my throat becomes squeals of delight. I am not exaggerating.

I know that’s more than a million but I wanted a really high number and then this 1 really big, really profound success, this gift, the unexpected moment to practice the thing I’m the worst at…receiving.

A friend of mine asked me this morning if she and her husband could pay 1 month of my mortgage.

I’m crying as I write this.

She cried when she asked, “[My husband] and I have really prayed on this and we’d like to offer, if you’re willing to receive it, to pay for 1 month’s mortgage for you and the kids.”

It didn’t take long and we were both blubbering away.

A flood of emotions hit me all at once.

Relief, guilt, gratitude, awe, worry for them (as far as I know, they’re not millionaires), an anticipation of being in her shoes to help someone else like this someday…it all hit me at once.

I am awash in Love (with a capital L), the life force energy that connects all of us.
The Love that is gracious and patient enough to ride the waves rather than battle them.
The Love that weaves us so closely together that when we cannot send aid without being aided and we can not receive aid without aiding.

This gift they gave me did not come from a fearful place. They were not thinking “omg, Triff and the kids are going to be homeless we have to help them.” Instead, they went deeply into the space in their hearts, to feel guided by a Truth much larger than they are and they offered me a check in Love and with the faith that this is all going to turn around.

I’m feeling undeniably abundant today and, surprisingly, it has little to do with the money itself.

(Certainly it’s clear their gift is more qualitative than quantitative.  And, because this experiment is meant to measure money specifically I will share with you that this brings me to ½ of the intention I set in less than ½ the time.)

What do you do to dive into the feeling of abundance? How does abundance feel in your body?