Triffany Hammond

Certified Life Coach, International Speaker and Author, TEDx Speaker, Libra, Smart Ass, Vegetarian


I want to live in a world where people Love (with a capital L) themselves again.


I create and deliver inspiring, helpful and actionable content that helps strong, powerful women create success AND happiness in their lives so they can truly fall in Love with themselves and their lives.


If Malcolm Gladwell is right about the 10K hours to master a skill rule, then Triffany is a master at conscious grieving and growth.

Despite our best wishes, time, alone, does not heal all wounds. Without your participation, your healing and growth process may be arrested in the earliest of stages  – denial and anger – tainting the future you’re trying to protect with a default meaning defined by the loss itself.

Moving through the grief process with conscious attention and grace means that you get a say in the story you create about you, others and your circumstances rather than letting the story create you.

Triffany can help you come out the other side more whole, happy and successful.

Triffany’s Personal Story

“How did you turn out so….normal?” is the question most often asked when people hear my story. Inspirations are borne of steadfast character, unstoppable love and a level of tenacity that seems so super-human many believe it to be impossible. My mother is one of those inspirations. Addicted to drugs and alcohol, married to a criminal and promising a new life to her 2 year old daughter she dedicated her life to trying to give me a better start in life than she had. She didn’t get right all the time. When she was strung out I was privy to the shadows in her heart and mind about what I’d taken from her with my existence and I continued to burden her with my needs and desires. When sober and clean of the substances that clouded her heart she told me, unabashedly, that I was her gift, her treasure and that I was a Light that brought solace and hope to her wounded heart. Through her eyes I saw the truth of my nature, that I am both shadow and light, good and bad, complete and incomplete.

When I was 13 a family friend taught us meditation and began the healing and transformation that is ever-present in our relationship almost 3 decades later.

I took that Inner practice for granted, however, and gave it up for a traditional western success story. Work hard, create a business, have children, buy a house, buy a bigger house, send the kids to the best schools…a diligent outward effort to sustain what I’d come to believe defined “success.” Not surprisingly, in my 30s, a tiny, winged insect would remind me how little control I have of my Outer life once I’ve given up the power of my Inner Life. West Nile virus from a mosquito bite became Meningitis, an infection of my nervous system that was so intensely painful I was in and out of consciousness and on a morphine drip in the hospital for a week. There was a moment, I don’t know how long it lasted, of absolutely clarity, painlessness and peace that was in such sharp relief to the searing pain that I had to ask the question, “Am I dying?” I experienced a mere “impression” (I’ve yet to find a better way to explain it) that brought an undeniable truth – I had a choice: I could stay in my physical form (but false) form or stay in my true (but non-physical) form. That’s it. No angst or fear. A choice as simple as a road-trip opportunity “right or left?” Obviously I chose to stay and with that came the opportunity for continual personal practice … in the form of an unidentified auto-immune disorder that has the accelerated learning opportunity that has brought me to everything I use and teach on a daily process.

If not for the gifts of my trials I might never have learned that true, sustainable growth in life and in business can be joyful simply by being mindful.


Triffany’s Superpower is Forgiveness.

Repeating hurtful stories about yourself, others or your circumstances depletes you of the energy you need to build what you’re meant to build in this lifetime. Forgiveness is not about letting go, it’s about taking back: taking back your energy, taking back your power and taking back the authorship of your personal, heroic saga.

Triffany is the coach that can help you clean the slate for a fresh, new beginning.

Triffany’s Professional Story

Upon close investigation, it is clear that the seemingly disparate pieces of my professional life carry the truth about personal purpose through one common thread:

I am a coach.

In college:

  • I worked the help-desk acclimating people to the necessity and nuance of technology
  • I was an ambassador to the University helping prospective and new students and their families learn about the school and their new lifestyle
  • I volunteered for the Colorado Jaycees and for a battered women’s shelter

I was a coach

Between college and marriage:

  • I trained customers of a software development company to overcome their fear of technology
  • I supported IBM’s employees of large accounts like Haliburton, Northrup Grumman and Pacific Bell use their technology to their advantage in spite of their own resistance
  • I transitioned the traditional, steadfast Boulder police and fire departments into an amicable relationship with the IT department, through Y2K fears and into comfortable, happy relationship with technology that ultimately eased their workload.

I was a coach

Between marriage and divorce:

  • I ushered my husband from technician to business-man through a family owned plumbing business.
  • I taught currency traders to, first, know themselves before ever entering a trade – leading some to profitability and others to realize they’re happier and more fulfilled without a trade on.
  • I helped actors, writers and directors identify and capitalize on their own personal experiences to enrich themselvse and their creations.
  • I created an experience rich environment where my kids were safe to grow, learn and fail – always with unconditional love and acceptance.

I was a coach

Between divorce and now:

  • Each and every day I am present to the work I have to do within myself.
  • Each and every day I hold the space for my students, clients and colleagues to do their own work on their journey to greatness. I also hold the vision for their truest, purposeful success especially when they cannot.
  • Each and every day I use the tools I’ve created to stay mindful, present and tuned-in to the work that is mine alone. I stay cognizant of the work/play that is within my control and I forgive the rest (and when I get it wrong – I simply get more practice 😉 ) so that I may enjoy sustainable growth in my life and in my business.

All those years I worked so hard to bring my education and hard-won knowledge to the table and yet it was my simple, heartfelt wisdom that made the biggest difference – every. single. time.

I am a coach

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