A dream analysis reveals some pretty powerful messages and I feel like they relate to this experiment somehow.

A Dream And A Dream Analysis

Sooo….I had a dream last night and did an analysis on it this morning. Dreams have been coming to me a lot lately and the analysis tool I use (I promise I’ll make a video for you at some point soon) has given me great insight into my subconscious Knowing, especially around my abundance and my purpose. Last night’s dream was very interesting because it shifted gears for me in a way that I feel is really important.

Let me preface this with an understanding about my life. I’m a single mom of two teenagers and a solo-preneur. I love and adore both of those roles. As a result it is very easy for me to get caught up in performing family and business tasks with a sense of purpose and joy so great that I readily tell myself that I “want” to those tasks. And I do! This dream is telling me that I’m missing a crucial piece of my life experience.

Here are the messages I received from my dream symbols:

“You have everything you need to do everything you want.”

“Stay open to new things. It’s easy to get in a rut and be comfortable but it doesn’t help you grow.”

“You’re constantly uncovering ancient truths disguised as modern curiosities. People need to hear about them.”

“Assumptions block the path to the truth. Treat everything you think you ‘know’ like something you want to “learn.'”

Awesome messages, right? But what do I DO with them??

Message 1 is pretty clear to me; operate from a place of trust and *gasp* abundance – I have what I need.

Message 2 requires a question; “am I in a rut?” The answer is, undoubtedly, “yes.” I’m either Mom or Businesswoman all.of.the.time. The ostensible missing piece is an actual social life. Since the kids are always with me now I want to get creative about carving out social time…with the right people.

Message 3 & 4 are reminders to stay curious and open … and to share what I learn through the process. So… as I create this social time for myself (and whatever new endeavors arise) I want to honor the call to share my experience and ideas so that we can learn and grow together.

A Different Kind of Dream Analysis

Basically now I have a yardstick to measure my bigger dream by. Am I answering the call to duty? I’ve asked for abundance and I’ve been told how to show up wholly in my life. Will I do it? Absolutely! I also know that I’m a little slow to fully “get” these things so it won’t surprise me if I have a few of the “but had lunch with a friend 8 weeks ago!!” kind of arguments in my head.

Dear Triffany,

Get a social life!!

And then get it again.

And again!!

Don’t worry, you’ll “get” it eventually.

Love, Triffany

Do YOU have any gaps in your life experience? What are they? How do you fill them?