I cannot count my blessings in abundance without counting my beautiful, wonderful, amazing besties.

I Have An Abundance Of Besties

You know that giddy feeling I talk about? My abundance feeling? I notice I get that same feeling when I’m with people I feel fully supported by. It makes sense when you consider that emotional support is a type of abundance.

The really cool thing about my besties is that they’re like a box of crayons similar in one way but also a beautiful variety pack that offers me something new and different every time I’m with them, either as individuals or in groups.

My besties, how long we’ve been friends and a snippet about why I love them so much (in no particular order…come on, how could there be an order, right?)

My Bevy Of Besties

Freya Lustie, besties for 23+ years: She is one of the smartest, bravest, most inspiring women I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. She always has my back. I feel like a better person for having known and loved her. Insightful and kind she’s curious about life in a way that makes me more curious about life and it creates this whirlwind of bliss that keeps me moving forward. I could even add her parents in the this list as she, without hesitation, ushered me into her family who has also been such a gift in my my and my children’s lives. The 3 of them give me hope for the world and remind me of what is possible when great people come together.

Colleen Kelly, besties for 2 years: She is one of the sharpest, courageous, most open women I’ve known. Never afraid to fail she throws herself headlong into life. She has such a strong desire to grow and improve that even the distasteful tasks are done with aplomb. She’s a pull-no-punches gal who, in the same conversation, will call me on my shit and support me unconditionally. I’m inspired by her tenacity, grit and definitely by her heart.

Justicia Vargas, besties for almost 5 years: She is one of the most compassionate, committed and creative women I know. Always willing to morph, evolve and grow she is a shining example of what it takes to learn from your past and present circumstances in order to create the strongest foundation for your future. Her patience and presence is a beauty to behold and evidence to my own belief system that non-resistance is the strongest force in the world.

Traci Danna, besties for 28 years: She is one of the least judgmental, funny and flexible women I know. We’re not that great at staying in touch but it never seems to matter. We’ve probably disagreed on as many things as we’ve agreed on and yet it’s always fed our relationship and our respect for one another and only made us stronger – and I have to credit her for putting up with me through my selfish teenage years. She’s clearly a pillar of strength and goodwill not just in our friendship but in her family and in her work-life as well. A lot of what has shaped and formed me has been books we’ve read together, debates we’ve had and a lot of hearty cry sessions too.

Jessica Carstensen, besties for the past 9 out of the 28 years we’ve known each other: Reconnected in adulthood she continues to impress me with her self-reflective nature and her ability to forgive so many people who’ve hurt her. She is one of the to most gracious, warm and gentle women I know. Her gentle nature is her strength and she inspires the people around her simply by being who she is. Unassuming and ever-growing she knows her work is in herself and reminds me, every time we talk, that our greatest gift to this world is to step wholly into ourselves. It’s hard work and she does it anyway…it’s poetry to watch.

Sandra Thebaud, besties for about a year and a half: Adventurous, curious and deeply committed to her purpose she reminds me that there is always more to learn and lots new ground to cover. Her continued intentionality about her life and our friendship serves as a reminder to me be the same. She combines honesty and straight-talk with humility and grace. She’s always a safe place for me to go when I’m in the thick of my own garbage. She understand there’s no finish line when it comes to the work we do to be our best and even though its hard to move forward she knows how to accept herself right where she is then eventually rally for the next leg of her own personal and professional journey.

I know there are a lot of different ways I can create that abundance feeling. Feeling the inspiration, compassion, creativity and LOVE even thinking about an or all of my besties is my all-time favorite way to get there.

I’m incredibly lucky to have such beautifully strong women stand by me.

What are some of the ways you call up your abundance feeling?