I want you to see how amazing you are!! Data nerds, this part’s for you:

Here’s the part that allows us to say we’re a Top 5 Best Selling Team in our category:

At one point that second category was at #9. The Kindle version is assigned 3 categories and they came in at #7, #7, and #17. This means that at the point that I saw that data we were Top 10 Best Selling in 4 out of 5 of our categories! 

That’s just the data from the categories to which the book is assigned.

Amazon has more than 8 MILLION books and at the time of this screen grab we’d climbed to barely over 16K and had closed the gap by ALMOST A MILLION spots!! That’s insane!

If you look at the graph here (obviously taken at a different time because at one point it was at #16,082 or higher we can almost visualize it as a #1 Best Seller out of all of the books EVAH!!!

All of this to say … I knew you were powerful. I didn’t know exactly how powerful until I saw what we did yesterday. Thank you SO much! #ShouldveKnown

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Be good to you and remember to Love ALWAYS!!

Triffany, Best Selling Author 😉 <3