Conscious Transitions:
A Home Course In Grief & Growth


There’s no “getting over it,” without going through it.

The Challenge

You’ve lost someone (or something) dear to you. Whether the grief has been with you 6 months or 6 years you feel like you should be over it by now.

About the time you feel you’re making progress the loss hits you like it happened yesterday and you wonder:

  • “Will I ever get over it?”
  • “Who can I call who I haven’t overburdened with my grief?”
  • “Will I ever be able to feel normal?”
  • “Will I ever again be that care free person who used to love life?”

Everyone says it gets better but you simply cannot see how it will ever get better, when the grief sits hides behind every smile you try on just to get through each day.

Every transition you’ve ever experienced (death, job loss, divorce…even mid-life changes) comes with a grieving process.
Time alone does not heal all wounds and trying to stay in denial of them is sucking the life out of you.

You CAN heal those wounds, you CAN be happy (even whole) again, it’s just that no one has ever taught you how. 

The Solution

It is time to remove the emotional ballast and bust through your ceiling.

These tools and practices help you:

  • learn about the grief process so you can understand what you’re going through
  • identify the unhelpful thoughts, habits & beliefs you’ve unintentionally created (and replace them with helpful ones!)
  • stop beating yourself up and start lifting yourself up)
  • create new, empowering and compassionate beliefs that bring peace to your heart and wisdom to your endeavors
  • retrain your brain to work from your strengths for accelerated growth
  • never be blindsided by grief or feel disempowered by it again.

These exercises and tools help you feel lighter, energized and empowered so you can succeed because of your life experiences (not in spite of them)!

When you, first, identify the baggage, and second, learn to empty it of its sabotaging contents you build all the next stages of your life with an ease that magnetizes healthy people and inspired action. You’ll reach new heights, personally and professionally.

One day you’ll look at that glowing, happy face in the mirror and think, “there I am!”  

Q: What is possible for you once you're traveling Light?

A: Happiness, Clarity and Success

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Look, specifically, at the habits you’ve unconsciously developed after years of loss and rebuilding.



Understand how these habits and beliefs formed and exercise grace with yourself.



Create helpful, conscious responses to old and new stories alike so you can:

  • Improve your communication
  • Increase emotional and psychological well-being
  • Tap into seemingly bottomless wells of inspiration and motivation.


Do what you want to do with all of that reclaimed inspiration and energy.

  • Improved Work/Life Balance 67%
  • Improved Communication Skills 72%
  • Improved Relationships 73%
  • Improved Self Confidence 80%

It's hard to argue with results!

Maya Angelou once said, “once you know better, do better.”

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Finally, there is a step by step process that is gentle and empowering that can help us through our toughest times.

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