People like me, they REALLY like me!

Well, my social media habits, anyway. 😉

I’ve gotten a lot of praise on the way I represent myself in social media lately so I thought I’d share what it is I’m doing and why I feel like people are responding to it so positively.

Here’s my no-muss-no-fuss break down – tailor these ideas to your own needs and market.

Step 1:

Identify your target market.
You must know what kind of problems they’re trying to solve!! Especially the problems that fall outside of your service boundaries.
For instance, my target market is professional/entrepreneurial women between ages of 35 & 52 who have established a fairly successful life but still feel unfulfilled. I’m a life coach – of course I can provide the tools that help them solve that fulfillment piece but what else are they worried about? I NEED to know that so I know how to become a resource of information for them…their go-to gal!

Step 2:

Categorize the needs of your market
Identify 3-5 broad categories that encapsulate your ideal clients’ tribulations
Here’s mine. It’s literally hanging on my office wall. It helps remind me the plethora of ways I can help the women I seek to serve. It’s self-explanatory. If you want more clarification on this point, leave a comment and I’ll be happy to help!
Social Media Plan

Step 3:

Share content that applies to those categories
It doesn’t have to be content YOU created.
In fact, you’ll stop sharing and caring if you decide that it HAS to be your content. The burden from that expectation is simply too much. Besides, live with an abundance mindset and believe that whatever exposure you’re giving to someone else’s content will come back to you tenfold. Don’t you want people to share YOUR content at some point??

Bonus tip

Use tools!!
like Hootsuite and Buffer for easy scheduling and sharing.
like Evernote for writing, organizing and planning
like Google analytics to understand what’s working (and play with it!!!!)

That’s it!! Start with just ONE social media outlet and give it a shot. Add more as you feel more comfortable…or don’t!! Keep it fun and light and your audience will feel the energy from the joy you derive from helping them.

Believe me ~ They’ll come back for more.