I feel giddy, oh so giddy! Oh so giddy and witty and briiiiight!!!

When I feel giddy, I feel abundant.

One of my most favorite feelings is the after-glow of a productive day. Knowing that I handily accomplished a lot of goals in short amount of time while also taking care of all those little things that don’t make the list but need to get done makes me feel like a superhero. In an earlier post I wrote about getting into the feeling state of freedom, that’s akin to the superhero feeling and still different.

I realize, now, those feelings have some overlap to my abundance feeling and yet are quite separate from what I feel inside when I’m basking in abundance. At least for me. I’ve noticed that when I really start feeling abundant my tummy tenses, there are butterflies, my posture straightens and I cannot help but smile.

I feel giddy!

I’ve got a lot I’m juggling. That means, sometimes I forget about this abundance experiment altogether. When I do recall the experiment I’m reminded to feel abundant; I’m reminded to fell giddy. In that moment I do whatever it takes to get into that emotional state that gets my body really feeling it. It’s different every time.

  • Sometimes it’s as simple as climbing into my bed at night knowing I’ve got a roof over my head, my kids are home safe, we’re all healthy and I’m surrounded by some of the best people in the world.
  • Sometimes I’ll notice that giddiness arise when I laugh, especially with my kids.
  • There are times, too, when I can’t seem to find it. I don’t force it…but I mentally start looking for it around the corners and in the cracks of my life. When it eventually comes it’s like a surprise visit from a friend, “there you are!! *squeeeeee*!!”

I realize that the earlier post I wrote about feeling freedom was still very much intellectualized. I didn’t think so at the time but it was still coming from a place that was presumed, thought out and imagined. That’s not bad! I’m glad I started there and it all still holds true. This feels deeper, more true, definitely more effective.

The more I feel giddy the more…

Inspired I am

  • I wrote a new article for Your Tango, we’ll see how it does
  • I’m writing journaling prompts for a potential new service that will include an e-book on how to journal for your inner healing and growth
  • I’ve gotten almost all of the content done (I have videos left) for the first ½ of the Conscious Transitions Course
  • I want to create “Get Your Shit Together: How to Adult 101” content of some kind that will help people address their finances, their personal work and their future.
  • I read an article about an amazing woman, Leslie Smith. That inspired me to tweet her and ask for an interview. And she agreed!!
  • I’m putting together the logistics around a referral program, too, for people who want to make some extra money simply by exposing them to the tools on this site.

The more risks I’m willing to take

  • Did I mention that Leslie Smith is the #3 ranked female fighter in the MMA right now?? I just asked her, publicly, if I might interview her about her personal belief that violence is inherent to human behavior.
  • I’m going speed dating tomorrow.
  • I’ve put out a request for Beta testers for my upcoming Conscious Transitions Course (before it’s finished) and people have been signing up!!
  • I’m blogging on this dang thing…which terrifies me every single time.
  • I’m creating and publicly sharing quote graphics where I sometimes quote myself!!
  • I’ve actually been doing a lot of self-promotion this week.

The more I trust my instincts

Leslie Smith, I feel giddy

It was that easy! I love her already!

See all of the above.

I don’t know where any of these things will go yet. But the fact that I can feel brave and inspired in the midst of my personal financial crisis speaks volumes to me and right now…I want to lean into that and simply feel giddy.

What does abundance feel like for you in your body?