The bad news is that, by all appearances, I've been a total slacker with The Abundance Experiment.

Luckily, that’s in appearance only! Believe you, me…I’ve been working hard!

The thing about this experiment is that it’s all stuff I feel like I should just know already. I teach this stuff. I watch the success it brings to others’ lives and I live it myself. I’ve seen the most beautiful successes in my own life. I know I always get what I want. I know there’s always more than enough. I have proof!! And I KNOW in my heart of hearts that everything I’m dealing with now is preparing me for the successful business that I can feel in my bones.

Still, I’m human. I worry sometimes. Random thoughts come to my lizard brain during the night or my ego during the day that make me feel as though I’m not getting what I want simply because it hasn’t appeared yet (at least not in the way I thought it would look or in the timeframe I thought it should arrive in).

Yesterday morning in my journaling, after writing down the date, November 2, 2015 I was hit with some of my own limiting beliefs. I wrote this:

2015 is nearly over. Unbelievable.

I really thought my business would be in a different place by now. I really did. It’s ok.

I know I’m a lot farther along than I was and for being a one-woman show that’s pretty damn impressive.

I’m thankful for so much:

  • I’m smart enough to get this far
  • Physically capable
  • Emotionally well
  • Manage between biz and family
  • Financially well enough

None of those are small accomplishments. I’ve worked my ass off for all of them. So why is my biz just stuck at a drizzle?

Advertising. People simply don’t know about me. That’s all there is to it.

Still, I’ve got a lot of content out there that could drive people to me too. I hear stories about how people starting coming out of no where and the only thing that changed was their belief. I feel like I’ve kept a great attitude and that I’ve worked on shifting the belief and still…. I’m trying to remember that it’s a long game and everything I’m doing serves the greater purpose of my success but geez.

Of course, I know that advertising isn’t just about my biz. There’s some kind of personal work there for me too. I don’t know what it is just yet but I know it’s there b/c I have such resistance to it. ……………….. There’s something there. I just felt it because the moment I wrote it my head went into a daze. There it is…figure out what that is or just energetically poke at “it” and see where that leads me.

  1. I’m still not sure that I know what “it” is but I know that I have work to do in my Inner World (<— more on Inner vs Outer worlds in the F.A.I.L.* to Win Self Empowerment Program) simply because there is something in my Outer World that is necessary for me to do my best work in the world and yet I still have resistance to it.
  2. I don’t have to know what “it” is to start nudging against the resistance. I don’t mean just “suck it up and push through.” I mean take a step and see what comes up. Take a step and see what comes up. Again and again until I’m either marketing and advertising myself with ease or I’ve identified “it” and am working on it (which will also get me to the point where I’m marketing with ease).


That’s it!

For me that means
1) put together an ad. (Done. I advertised on Twitter with a link to “The Inside Scope“)
2) Q: what was my attitude going in? A: Curiosity – which is better than the “OMG what have I done” attitude I had on my first Twitter campaign. PROGRESS! Keep after it, Triffany
3) I don’t know if “it” will ever be known but as my friend Dr. Sandra Thebaud says, “you don’t have to go through your garbage before you take it out.”

You can do the same thing. Where is your resistance to your own success and abundance? Can you identify it? If not, what steps can you take to nudge against it? How do you self-reflect after you’ve nudged?