I’m so glad we met and that you’re here, taking control of your future.

Here are the items I mentioned that are available for download.

  • The packet we used (print as many as you want and feel free to share)
  • The Vision mp3 to help you when you’re struggling with full acceptance of your gifts (so you have something to build on!!)
  • The Body Compass to helps you identify where various emotions show up in your body (makes decisions and direction SO much easier!!)
  • The discount code for the Conscious Transitions: A Home Course in Grief and Growth.

Remember this isn’t about numbing yourself or learning to put a silver lining on everything you’re going through. Rather it’s about staying present to everything that comes up for you and learning to use the painful bits to embolden and empower you. You want to come out of the other side of this

Coaching with the Membership, I’m here specifically to help strong, powerful women like you figure out that happiness piece.

You have a partner in this work and I’m already SO proud of you.