F.A.I.L.* to Win

*For All Is Love

The 4 Module Empowerment Tele Course that gives you the tools to get out of your own way
so you can FINALLY create both happiness AND success in life and in business.

The Challenge

Something in your heart of hearts tells you that you’re meant to big things in this world.

Your past efforts have been stymied by “real” life and you just don’t know how to break the vicious cycle that has you power through it all only to be exhausted and overwhelmed and fall back into distractions.

You feel out of sync and every time you try to rally you can only get so far before you run out of know-how, willpower or energy.

Whether it’s leaving a soul-sucking job, a spirit-crushing relationship or bust through the ceiling of your own business endeavors you just Know something has got to change.

Even though you feel like you’ve tried everything, you KNOW

  • you’ve self-sabotaged along the way
  • you’ve repeated old patterns
  • you’ve hit the same roadblocks
  • you’ve believe others’ doubts
  • basically, you’ve been in your own way….

Most importantly, however, you’re not ready to give up.

The Solution

What makes this empowerment system unique is the focus on actionable, sustainable improvement in life and in business. 

Each module builds on the skills developed in the previous module and every single step is integrated into your real life, right now. This is NOT theory or hopeful positive thinking…this course is designed to teach you the tools you need for practical application in your current circumstances, real-time. Which is why you see huge results almost immediately.

The tools are simple to learn and easy to apply, which is how they can integrate into your everyday life so quickly.

I’ve seen:
Actors discover and tap into seemingly endless wells of creativity.
CEOs gain enrollment from their management teams and their spouses.
Financial traders double and triple their profits.
Financial traders find the courage to build lucrative careers that replenished their spirit.
Trauma and Illness survivors, once invalid on the couch, find purpose and build profitable businesses and healthy relationships.

If they can do it SO CAN YOU!!

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Module 1: For
Return to YOUR values and ditch the default “shoulds” that are keeping you stuck.

Week 1: Learn about Limited Mind and the Expansive Mind and how they can help or hinder your goals.

Week 2: Learn the “Litmus Test” tool that integrates easily into your life and keeps you on track.

Week 3: Group coaching to work through any issues or questions that arise from your transformation.


Module 2: All
Positively reframe your negative life experiences AND glean more from your positive life experiences. Your whole life has served your greater good and now you get to use all of that fodder to your benefit.

Week 4: Learn how your brain thinks, learns and problem solves. Use the “Successful Failures” exercises Part 1 & 2. Understand Hyper- vs Hypno-Think and how to use them to your advantage.

Week 5: Learn new tools that make your day to day life easier: “The Nudge,” “No Wrong Move,” and “Find a Statement, Ask a Question.”

Week 6: Group coaching to help you address your doubts as you begin to dive into your purpose and take leaps of faith (and whatever else comes up for students).

Module 3: Is
This is like strengths-finder on CRACK! You’ll dig deep into the assets and tools you already have (but probably don’t know or own it) so you can positively accelerate your personal and professional growth.

Week 7: Fully develop both your Inner and Outer life for the balance you yearn for!! This is the key to sustainability…overwhelm?? What is overwhelm??

Week 8: Find and feed the positive stories about who you are, what you do and where you’re headed. You will change your belief about what is possible for you in every aspect of your life.

Week 9: Group coaching will help you further integrate your empowerment as you process others’ reactions to you and your development.

Module 4: Love
The future you’re building is only as strong as the foundation upon which it is built. This module helps you clear the slate emotionally and energetically to give you the best fresh start possible.



Week 10: Learn what forgiveness, grace and compassion mean in terms of practical application. You’ll be able to let go of some of your biggest burdens, once and for all.

Week 11: Learn the “Yeah, buts/True dats!” exercise that helps you find and build on positive, life-affirming Truths about yourself and your direction.

Week 12: Final group coaching session to help you fully focus on the fun, successful life you’re building.


Whether you pick F.A.I.L* to Win or F.A.I.L. to Win Premium you will also receive:

  • “The Squeeze” mp3- a guided muscle/breathing practice that reduces anxiety for better sleep.
  • “Breathing that Counts” mp3- a guided breathing practice for stress and pain relief.
  • 4 Group Coaching Sessions dedicated to FTW students to guide you through any limiting beliefs or negative self talk that may arise as you implement the tools.
  • Lifetime Access to the Private Facebook page for continued, group support.
  • 8 Class recordings for your review or to deepen your skills.
  • 4 Group coaching recordings to help you build momentum.
  • Accountability throughout your journey to help you stay on track.
  • 3 months FREE Lovely Membership (over $140 value)
  • FTW book (once released)


Choose the Premium Option and you’ll also receive

  • Direct Email Support from Triffany
  • 4 FREE months enrollment in the Lovely Membership – that’s 8 group coaching sessions!! ~$200 value
  • 4 | 1 on 1 coaching sessions with Triffany which includes:

Private, dedicated time to your specific wants and needs.
Confidential recordings for your review and reiteration to build crazy forward momentum.
Follow up email that includes any notes taken during the session and assigned “homework” to ensure full integration of the tools.
Access to all of the tools in Triffany’s brain from years and years of coaching high-level professionals across the globe.
Almost 4 for the price of 1 incentive.

  • A combined value of almost $1700 savings

I want to get started now.

What are my options?

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Option 2:

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Option 3:

If you’d rather test the waters and want to wait for the accountability, the coaching, the support and the new/updated tools you can start with just the book.