Get Happy (Even During The Holidays)

In case you missed it, here’s the offer I sent out Thanksgiving week, 2015

I grew up in a family full of warrior women and an uncle who tried his darnedest to machismo up the place. He really did, I have photos of really tight t-shirts so he could show off his muscles, #SorryNotSorry Uncle Chuck – you know I love you! 😃
The powerful matriarch of the family was my Grandmother, Jammye Garza.
My beautiful, witty mother was a close second followed by my funny, Aunt Terri who hid her sensitive, gorgeous heart beneath crude humor and a laugh that crinkled her eyes and threw her head back in delight.

If “tough” were food, I had a veritable buffet from which to choose my particular flavor: strong, resilient, vulnerable, bossy, smart, quick-witted, thick-skinned, open-minded, tenacious…soft and hard varieties alike.

I remember watching closely as they all dealt with their demons very differently from one another. There was one demon my Grandma Jammye couldn’t seem to slay. She loved to cook and surround herself with family and friends and yet every year around this time I witnessed a dip in her mood that matched the cold Colorado weather despite the holiday cheer that surrounded her and it got worse with each passing year.

Though I asked repeatedly, I never learned why her heart broke during the holiday season.

As much as I love autumn I can’t help but feel my own slight dip in mood as memories of my Grandma’s malaise hits me from time to time. These recollections remind me that, despite the ads I see everywhere depicting joy and togetherness, not everyone enjoys the holidays.

Wonderful, beautiful people all over the world experience times like these. They want to be happy. Everything around them points to reasons they should be happy but they just can’t muster a genuine joy for the season.
Do you know someone like this?
Are YOU someone like this?
Did you know you can heal…even when you can’t pinpoint the specific issue?? I’m going to show you how. 
It is my sincerest belief that all the world’s problems can be solved if each and every one of us can come to Love  ourselves again. That’s why I’ve created a course specifically designed to help you heal and grow, not in spite of your hardships, but because of them.
The problem is…
1) denying your hardships only works for so long (and delays the healing process indefinitely) and
2) resistance gives a false sense of control and leave you feeling worn out, helpless…like there’s trouble at every turn (you can’t hold every single problem at bay by sheer will alone).
Did you know getting help to heal these wounds is 
  • easy, 
  • affordable, 
  • private and 
  • can be done in your own right timing?
I’ve helped people all over the world identify the thoughts that keep them stuck and I’ve empowered them with the tools to get un-stuck. I’ve got a bucket of tools from my Martha Beck Life Coach certification. A bucket of tools from my Asset Based Thinking Action Coach certification. And a bucket of tools I’ve created from years of working with people just like you. That’s a whole lot of buckets!!

I’ve cherry picked and compiled the best possible tools that are specific to healthy grieving and thriving growth AND they’re easier than ever to use.

In Conscious Transitions you’ll get:
  • 12 modules (6 for grieving, 6 for growth). You have private, lifetime access so there’s absolutely no rush.
  • A plethora of easy to use tools for every learning style.
  • Exercises are specifically designed to integrate seamlessly into the life you’re already living so these changes are easy to implement.
  • Office Hours is a twice a month call where you may ask clarifying questions and get feedback. You don’t have to do this alone.
  • I’ve added the incredible value of 1 month free membership to help you through the toughest of issues as they arise.
  • I’m offering a screaming deal on the course…keep reading!
The course is positively transformative because it comes in such easily digestible pieces you can’t help but integrate your wonderful changes and reap the rewards almost immediately.
I’ve had students/clients report that these tools have
  • improved their relationships through better communication and self-reflection,
  • increased their confidence at home and work (self-advocacy comes easier when you’re clear on what you need) and
  • they’ve achieved better work/life balance (with surprise at how easily it came).

I’d have shared these tools with my Grandma Jammye in a heartbeat.

If you or someone you know is having a hard time healing from something (you don’t even have to know what it is) JUMP on this opportunity right now.

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Use HealingHolidays now to get $50 off Conscious Transitions and you receive:

  • 6 modules with concepts and tools to move through grief (dump the baggage once and for all)
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  • Online delivery that is private, easy to use and instant so you can move at your own pace
  • Live help to ensure success and clarity via twice monthly Office Hours calls AND
  • because I know it’s easier with coaching 1 full free month of Lovely Membership that includes 2 FREE group coaching sessions (I’ll help you slay any past beasts who rear their ugly heads).
I’m offering this to you at such a deep discount in honor of my grandmother’s memory. If I’d have known then what I know now perhaps I might’ve saved my Grandmother years of holiday heartache.
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My Grandma Jammye was pretty tight-lipped about her holiday depression. Maybe she didn’t really understand it herself. I could only be there and hold a safe place for her to feel what she felt.
You can do better for yourself and your loved ones. You have access to tools I didn’t.
Act now. 
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