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This month we’re learning to identify the questions that REALLY matter when it comes to self-work and personal growth.

0:15 Who I am ~
0:45 What “Scoping Out…” is
1:10 “I don’t know what questions to ask”
2:22 What strong women already know
2:40 You can’t make the world come to you
3:20 How do I get right with what is?
4:00 Working on yourself is tricky ~ that’s why we need help!
4:30 Life is not linear like we’ve been told
4:45 Life is more like a spiral
5:15 When we come back to the same place
5:40 Get curious when you reach that point …
6:11 Suffering comes when the story is added.
6:45 We’re not trying to make anyone else show up differently…but….
7:20 others kind of change as a result.
7:30 External change is not the goal
8:15 The deconstruction process ~
9:15 Feelings, Thoughts, Words and Deeds
9:40 The moment we try to identify our feeling we add thought
10:15 AND find it in the body as a way to tune it
10:50 Get in touch with all of your thoughts and feelings through Conscious Transitions
12:00 The answers that come from the process are where you start to find the question
13:20 Guilt is a common theme at first
13:45 The moment we identify the thought we shape it with words
14:30 What if you feel numb?
15:00 You do NOT have to do this all at once.
17:25 You’re identifying layers of work and now you get to choose what to bring
17:30 We’re not dealing with symptoms ~ we’re getting to the core
18:00 Breaking the pattern accelerates your growth
18:50 Getting past the theory
19:10 All of this is worthless without action
20:10 Add these scopes to your calenar! Wednesdays at 8:30 am “Scoping Out” and 3rd Thursday at 9am “The Inside Scope”
22:15 You Spot It, You Got It ~ The FASTEST way to find where your work is.
23:20 Use the principle on the positive stuff too!

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