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0:05 The Inside Scope – What it is and why we do it
0:20 Scoping Out… – Wednesdays at 8:30am MT
1:00 Send in your question!
1:10 Today’s question – Multi-tasking is depleting me
1:45 Isn’t multi-tasking a good thing??
2:30 Women vs men as multi-taskers
3:10 Come to grace first – you’re not doing anything wrong
3:30 Multi-tasking detriments
4:15 Keep your resources available to you!
4:40 NPR article referenced:…
5:05 Why do we want to multi-task?
5:30 Boredom
5:55 Being all things to all people
6:50 Hiding our growth opportunities – where is peace?
8:00 Quality over quantity
8:45 The solution
9:00 Intentionality
10:00 Asshole aerobics
11:05 Follow your feel good
11:30 Send in your questions
11:50 Do I WANT to do this?
13:10 Benefits of increased focus
13:50 Trust yourself
14:30 You get to choose
14:50 Notice your successes
16:05 What do you REALLY want?
16:30 How do you include yourself in the list of people you take care of
16:50 Add this to your calendar!!
17:15 Is MY attention divided??
17:25 Happy St. Patricks Day!

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