Your 2019 Is Off To An Auspicious Start

Nostalgia mixes with relief and perhaps some sadness too, as the old year sets to close quietly behind you.
Your new chapter begins with the ideas and inspirations you gained from this month’s practice: Trust.

This month’s journey has been all about trusting (not forcing) your life’s purpose and passion. In the beginning you may have thought you’d first need to know what you lights you up from the inside out or even what you’re meant to do with the life you’ve created.

As you’ve learned through these first few, wobbly steps, however, is that there is no “knowing” any of that.

So, What Do You Know?

The Passion on Purpose daily prompts, combined with the larger ideas in these newsletters have given you a lot of the foundational pieces you need to build a dream on.


In the Clarity portion of the month you scavenged your past experiences for every tool, strength and feel-good guidance you have. The work you did to consider your badassery pushed you forward…first toward owning your awesomeness and then toward understanding how to use it.


In the Gathering portion of the month you took stock the resources you have that you probably took for granted. You started to focus on what is available to you. As you get better at this, thoughts of your assets will far outweigh the attention you spend on your hardships.


The last third of the month you took Action. Whether it was 1 action or many, you set something in motion for yourself that gets harder to ignore over time…momentum, excitement, the thrill of the unknown and everything this process offers you.

Become familiar with this basic structure. It’s the same for every month of the year:

  • Clarity
  • Gathering
  • Action

Life Gets Easier

You’re discovering a new way to engage with yourself and with life in general. You’re learning how to let life carry some of the  “what am I doing here” burden as you give it a way show up to you, and you learn to meet it in the middle. 

Give yourself a pat on the back for all of your progress so far!

In the coming weeks you’ll go through familiar yet varying exercises in the same vein.

Be patient with yourself. 
Celebrate any and all progress.
Be present to, and grateful of, every gift life brings you. Yes, even the painful ones.
You have everything you need to become a badassier version of yourself. 

If you missed anything, want to review it or want to encourage a friend to get started you can always review the month’s journey (and leave your insights/comments) at: <– That nomenclature is the same throughout the year.

I can’t wait to see you in February!