inline-Anything-They-Can-Do,-You-Can-Do-BetterLast fall a friend of mine promised herself to be the “dumbest person in the room.” As a result she’d experienced tremendous growth in herself and her business. It made me think about my own experiences when I’m out and about as an entrepreneur in the world. I realized that because I’m inherently curious and consciously growing, often, when I show up to a class or a networking event I’m often the person who helps others make sense of their journey and gets them up to speed on branding, marketing or whatever else it is I’ve learned so far.
That’s GREAT for my ego. Also, it made me realize I’ve got a lot more to learn if I surround myself with people who can do that for me!
As a solo-preneur I can use the benefit of others’ curiosity and experience as a reflection of what I have left to learn AND what how far I’ve come.  None of us are observers of ourselves we all need people who are a step or two ahead of us who are willing to reach back and pull us forward.
We always need someone outside of ourselves to show us what we don’t know.
Shortly after my conversation with my friend, I made the same request of the Universe. Without physical harm to my brain I, too, wanted to be the person who had the most to learn. I started reaping the benefits almost immediately.
One of the things I’ve opened my eyes to through this process is I’ve, thus far, been a Martha Beck and ABT coach who also did this other thing she created on the side (F.A.I.L. to Win: For All Is Love). It is time for me to put the achievement system I’ve created at the forefront of my business! What that means is I’m no longer just teaching the tools others created. I’m teaching the tools I’VE created that have helped professional women across America tap into wells of possibility they didn’t know were possible. I’m on the line like I’ve never been before!!
As a Certified Life Coach, the benefits of working with me run so deep and are so profound that it’s difficult for people to understand what is possible when they work with me. Now, I’m going to add an extra layer describing who I am and what I do?! I felt some resistance…no, definitely FEAR… and yet, it’s the kind of fear that comes up when you’re about to break through to something huge (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, trust me, you will after we work together.) I realize that I’m no longer operating behind Martha Beck’s Brand or Asset Based Thinking’s brand…I’m front and center offering huge pieces of myself as they exist within my products and services. I’ve had a few months to think about, massage and implement what this means to me and… really, I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I believe that we are hear to share ourselves in every way, big and small, that we can. Now that I know better, I want to DO better. Every single day we live the life of our choices. We accept the level of success we’ve created. I know that I have something bigger and better to offer than what I’ve offered so far and if putting more of myself on the line to deliver it is the price than, by golly, I’m going to do just that. I help anyone who looks ok on the outside but can’t be happy on the inside learn the tools that bring satisfaction and sustainable growth to their lives and businesses. Why, oh why, wouldn’t I share those in as big a way as possible?? It’s my responsibility …it’s my privilege.
I’m in the middle of a re-brand to address these changes. I will have new offerings at a variety of price points. The Lovely Membership is still available at the current rate ($17.99/mo) and anyone who joins at this price will stay at this price until they cancel – even after the new price launches in April ($47/mo).
Also, as a thank you for your loyalty, I’m accepting 5 3 one-on-one clients at my current rates. That’s it. Click here to grab your spot. No sales pitch. You’re either ready to break destructive old habits or you’re not. No judgement, no guilt. I would love to be your partner in that journey and I’d love to do it at the Wellness Accomplice prices one last time.
I was right to believe that being the dumbest person in the room would help my business grow. This experience has also help me grow myself. I get to stake a claim in my gifts, my program and my value so I can be better at helping YOU do the same.
What vulnerability are you opening yourself up to in order to be strong? What decision have you made to DO better once you know better? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.