In the last several days I’ve seen incredibly positive news (to me) cross my Facebook feed.

There’s the obvious 2 major headlines:

  • Affordable healthcare for millions is deemed constitutional (even though we can all admit there are some bugs to work out), and
  • Gay Marriage is now just marriage.

I also saw these incredible news bits:

Isn’t that a whole lot of beautiful proof that we’re expanding and evolving in and of Love?? I’m ebullient, giddy and bubbling over with excitement. But I have a little secret….

I’m pretty much ebullient, giddy and bubbling over with excitement most days. You see…I find what I expect to find and I expect to find Love is winning.

Believe it or not, Love wins every single day we’re alive.

We have a proclivity to notice and glom onto the fearful events in our world so it’s totally natural to believe that we’re all going to hell in a hand basket. And, quite honestly, the fearful items garner the most attention and make news networks the most money so it’s like a double whammy. Still….love wins each and every day.

What do you think the statistics would look like on safe vs unsafe drivers? Do you realize how many millions of people we have traversing the miles each and every day and how relatively few accidents there are due to pure violent intention? The number would be minuscule!

What about the number of financial transactions we conduct each day while our money stays safe?
How many billions, maybe trillions, of acts of kindness do you think occur each and every day among the 7.2 billion people in the world?

No wonder we don’t keep count of the good stuff! It’s so common place it’s become mundane.

You want a little nudge toward Love? Look for it and expect to find it. You WILL find it!! (Don’t worry…all the stuff that supports your fear will be right where you left it if you choose to go back.)

Whether you agree with my conclusions about the issues I’ve mentioned or not is irrelevant…whatever looks like Love (with a capital L) to you is out there in spades.

  • You will find Love.
  • Love will fuel you.
  • You will pay Love forward – if for no other reason but because you’re ebullient, giddy and bubbling over with excitement.

Try it! I think you’ll like love it. 😀