Great men are those who see spiritual is stronger than material force, that thoughts rule the world.”  — Ralph Waldo Emerson



These two things happened today…

Let me first start by saying I posted this in a private group filled with other Life Coaches on FB:

“I know I’m destined for greatness but could I just experience the montage version of the space between here and there, please?!

Deeply, I know I’m better off for the journey but this in-between, not knowing stuff is brutal sometimes. Luckily, my dream analysis the other day told me I’m doing fine and if I never did anything differently it would all still turn out the way it’s supposed to.

Cue 80s pop song over stills of my 1,000,001 networking dates, missteps, retries and silly assumptions.”

Later that day I picked up my son who told me about his photography class playing with light and shadow on objects. He’d taken a toy he had to dig out of the basement storage room and realized during the photography exercise that it had a feature on it that would’ve solved one of his frustrations with it when he played with it years before. He said he felt silly for not realizing it sooner. At which point I commented, “you know, that makes me wonder, ‘what am I sitting on today that answers a problem I only think I have but I’m too frustrated to see it?'” This questions sparked some cool conversations.

Then, among some encouraging comments and helpful ideas, I came home to these comments:
“…you might be DESTINED for greatness but I see you as GREAT right now!!”
“…we’re here with you in spirit and I think most of us would agree you are already sitting in greatness from our perspective.”

Whoa. What an answer to my own question, “what am I sitting on today that answers a problem I only think I have?” I’ve worked with many of these coaches intimately over the last year to year and half. They’re people who are taking wonderful risks of their own and taking brave new steps each and every day and they think I’m great. I’m going to own that for a moment…I’ve positively affected lives around me and that, already, makes me great.

Does that seem arrogant to you? Or … could you, just for a moment, take a beat and look at yourself through the same lens? I ask this of you because I see greatness in the people around me all of the time – especially when I’m working with a client and I think, “if they could but own their power they would be unstoppable!”

What if what you’re striving for (and I mean really striving for – not just money and creature comforts) were already at your disposal? What if you’ve been doing great work for so long you’ve come to take it for granted and if you would but glance at it you could relieve yourself of the stress that is keeping it from growing fully?