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I’ve included everything I think we talked about in the workshop.


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Click here to download the class handout

Click here to download the class handout

This was the packet we used during the workshop.

Click the image to download the document. (Some browsers require a right click, download linked file.)

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Click here to download "The Vision" mp3

Click here to download “The Vision” mp3

“The Vision” is a guided visualization practice  from the Find Your Vision, Create Your Mission Home Course that helps you hone in on the life you want to create and generate the feeling state that will help you create it.






Click here to download "The Body Compass" mp3

Click here to download “The Body Compass” mp3

“The Body Compass” is a guided personal awareness practice developed by Martha Beck, recorded by Triffany Hammond. Hands down, the BEST way to make decisions about anything and everything you do.

Here are some of the books that come up in the class from time to time. Click on the image if you want to download the list.

  • “Loving What Is” – Byron Katie
  • “Stuck Where You Are” – Alan Robert Neal
  • “Change the Way You See Everything” – Dr. Kathy Cramer
  • “Necessary Losses” – Judith Viorst
  • “The Artist’s Way” – Julia Cameron
  • “The Hero of A Thousand Faces” – Joseph Campbell

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