Passion on Purpose

Following Your Dreams is Easy When You Find Your Passion and Purpose
The busy-ness of life may have hidden your dreams but they’re certainly not lost forever.

Monthly intentions, weekly goals and the daily questions in the PoP daily emails are the treasure map you need to

~ recover your passion,
~ live life on purpose and
~ start following your dreams!

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Passion on Purpose
Almost everyone’s dreams get waylaid by “real life.” Shoot, a LOT of people haven’t ever identified a bonafide dream in the first place.

That’s ok!

Finding and following those dreams is a lot easier than you think with this daily email plan.

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Each month establishes a new practice toward achieving your goal.


Each ⅓ of the month focuses on a different stage of the process:

  • Clarity of Purpose
  • Gathering Resources
  • Taking Action


Daily questions & prompts arrive on weekdays that help you

  • think differently,
  • see new opportunities and
  • take action


You rack up the wins over time.

Before you know it, you’re bringing your dreams to life!

You LOVE the results!

Already using the daily email prompts and you notice that you’re

  • stepping into your power
  • you’re actually following through on your great ideas
  • you have hope and vision again
  • or some other amazing shift that is a natural progression of this quiet and subtle power coming into your life?

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A new era of sustainable, intrinsically-driven success is here!
You have everything you need in you and around you to

  • find your passion,
  • feel your purpose and
  • make your dreams come true.

NOW you’ll have the step-by-step map you need to get you there!

Your dreams deserve a shot!
Remember, find and renew your passions without a total do-over.




When you heal and improve yourself you bring your best into the lives of the people around you. That’s why I’ve always said, [Tweet theme=”tweet-string”]”When you work in your highest good, you work in THE highest good.”[/Tweet]

Thank you for making the investment of time and energy in yourself. I appreciate everything you do to make the world a better place.

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Love and light to you and yours!!