PoP ~ April Thought Prompts and Discussion

The rules are pretty simple:

  • This is a safe place for you to share your thoughts and ideas on each day’s prompt.
  • Critical thought and poignant questions are encouraged.
  • Any behavior that seems aggressive, abusive or attempts to undermine the efforts of other participants will be banned from the conversation and the site.

April’s journey is about toddling into your hopeful, yet uncertain, future.

You will reintroduce yourself to curiosity and playfulness and use it as your motivation for all of the forward movement in your life.

Mantra: With grace and ease I allow play into my life as a guiding force toward my highest good.

Clarity Portion of the Month

(Days 1-10, minus weekends)

Spend the next few days getting really clear on how far you’ve already come during this intentional living journey

Most often when people get intentional, forgive and seek purpose their relationships change. The people in your life who don’t really get it will either fade away or suddenly start working for the relationship. You’ll never be able to predict who will do what.

Clarity is just about the noticing. No judgement at all takes place here as we assess our changing reality.

Day 1 Thought Prompt

What are some of your most impactful moments from the past few months?

Don’t over think “impactful.” Go with your gut. January, what jumps out? February, what would you tell a friend over coffee?

It’s important to trust your gut on these experiences and let any kind of judgement pass right through your mind. This isn’t about what “should” have happened or “good/bad,” this is just about identifying some times in your recent past that have felt important to you for any reason at all.

Day 2 Thought Prompt

Who have you said, “goodbye” to?
Who have you met?
Whose relationship has changed (or is in the midst of change)?

Just take stock of the give and take in your personal relationships since you started this journey.

Even if you’re starting these emails right now you’ve been brought to them for a reason, which means you’ve likely seen some big shifts and changes that have you asking, “what’s next?”

It’s important to remember that this isn’t about judging these relationships. Just noticing the changes goes a long way toward building intentionality in.


Day 3 Thought Prompt

What impactful lessons have you learned in the past few months?

Not “good” or “bad,” but impactful. You’ve had opportunities to learn, grow and transform. Where were those opportunities?

If you need help, go back to the work in the previous months. They’re all available to you, regardless of when you started.

Day 4 Thought Prompt

What are you grieving?
What are you celebrating?

(Hint: It’s ok if you’re doing a bit of both)

We forget that we’re in the midst of constant change which means we’re perpetually transitioning away from and toward life experiences. We want to pay attention so we can make adjustments in your thoughts, habits and beliefs to ensure we’re only bringing with us what works (and letting go of what doesn’t).


Day 5 Thought Prompt

What kind of memories would you like to make in the next several months?

More of the same kind of moments you’ve had? Something different? Or something altogether new?

Imagine each kind of moment and see how it feels to be there. Thoughts aren’t nearly as important how it will FEEL to have these kinds of experiences.

Everything we bring into our lives starts with the feeling state of having had it already. The more you can operate from this space the better!

Day 6 Thought Prompt

What kind of person or people would you like to meet?

Again, get into that feeling space.

Day 7 Thought Prompt

What would you like to learn?

Whether it’s something that’s been niggling at your brain for years or something that just popped up recently, it all goes on your list. The ones that get you the most giggly, bubbly and butterfly-y inside are the ones that go at the top of the list!

You may also want to see what the list looks like if you prioritize by age. It’s interesting to see which interests have been backburnered the longest. You may even have some resistance there! Keep that in mind for the times we work through resistance here in PoP (or if you’re working through it in any of the courses I offer.)

Day 8 Thought Prompt

What kind of change are you willing to make in yourself?

Think of the qualities you admire in others. Perhaps you’d like to develop those within. Moods, attention span, commitment, self-direction … it’s all fair game.

Don’t think about whether or not you CAN change these qualities. If you’re willing to put in the practice you can shape yourself quite readily over time.

Gathering Portion of the Month

(Days 11-20, minus weekends)

Now it’s time to evaluate your internal and external resources so that in the Action Portion you can fully take advantage of what is already available to you.

Day 9 Thought Prompt

Review Day 1:

What resources do you have available to you to make the memories you’d like to make in the future?

Get creative! Get detailed. The longer the list is the more empowered and inspired you’ll when the “Action” portion of April rolls around.

Love your travel memories the best but your brain stops at a lack of money?
Get creative:
Picnic in your park, yard or even living room.
Get detailed with your resources:
Park/yard/living room
Fun plates or cutlery
Cocktail napkins
Party themed skewers
Fairy lights
Favorite beverages
Silly straws

The more you write down the more you’ll get excited. Suddenly it’s about the abundance of fun and memory making and there obstacles disappear.


Day 10 Thought Prompt

Reflect on Day 2 then think about the kind of person you’d like to meet now or in the future.

Who knows the type of person you’d like to meet?
Who do you know who might know the kind of person you’d like to meet?
Who do you know who might know kind of person who might know the kind of person you’d like to meet?
Who do you know … I think you see where I’m going with this. 😉

Even if your list doesn’t start off very long you’ve asked the questions. Over the next few days allow your brain to mull it over and try to answer it. You’ll be surprised at who pops to mind. You’ll be STUNNED at the “coincidental” introductions too!

Day 11 Thought Prompt

How can you connect to what you want to learn?

Think physically (like joining a Meetup Group) AND personally (like continuous forgiveness work from February).

Allow for some fun brainstorming on this. Don’t rule anything out right away. Just write it all down and then you can get choosey with it later.


Day 12 Thought Prompt

Review the last 3 days’ answers. How does it feel to consider the possibilities you wrote down?

Look closely at your physical responses (use Martha Beck’s Body Compass if you’re just getting started with body awareness).
Also tune in emotionally. Are hidden stories coming into view? Can you celebrate the ones that don’t come anymore after working through previous months’ prompts?

The more tuned in to your body the better you can navigate life. It literally becomes a diving rod of sorts, pointing you in the decision that is in your highest good. It’s magical and alleviates insane amounts of stress.

Day 13 Thought Prompt

Review Day 9:

What are you

  1. able and
  2. willing

to do to make the memories you’ve visualized?

Doesn’t have to be right away, mind you, but you’ll never actually have a plan for making it happen if you don’t start here first.

Think season, stage of life (of you or your dependents), budget, opportunity cost … there are a lot of ways and times when you will be able to create your memories. Knowing this helps you visualize it. Visualizing it helps you manifest it.

Day 14 Thought Prompt

Similar to yesterday’s practice…

Who are you able and willing to meet to make the memories you’ve visualized?


Day 15 Thought Prompt

Continuing in the same vane …

What are you able and willing to learn to make the memories you’ve visualized?

Day 16 Thought Prompt

And finally, just like you’ve done the last few days …

What are you able and willing to change within yourself to make the memories you’ve visualized?

Action Portion of the Month

(Days 21-End, minus weekends)

This is your chance to walk your talk.

All of the opportunities you identified in the Gathering Portion … start doing them. Easy peezy. 😉

Day 17 Thought Prompt

Throughout the Action portion of the month continually visualize the memories you aim to make as though they’re already happening.  Continual visualization will train your brain and body to respond to new solutions and opportunities as they arise that will help you make those “memories in the making” come true.

The brain doesn’t know the difference between what you’re imagining and what is really happening. Continual replays of emotional events heightens your ability to find more of what your brain understands to be “true.” To find proof of this concept, you only need to look as far as the racists that seem to be everywhere after continually imagining that argument you’re bound to have with “Racist Uncle Ted” at Easter dinner. 1) You haven’t actually HAD that conversation with him yet, 2) You get so angry that you imagine a million ways to respond to him, 3) suddenly “Racist Uncle Ted” seems to be on every bus, shopping trip and library you enter between now and Easter.

That same phenomenon works with the good stuff too ~ we just don’t visualize good stuff as often as we visualize the bad.


Day 18 Thought Prompt

Review the list of names you made in the Gathering Portion of April:

Ask for an introduction from the person who knows the type of person you’d like to meet.

You’ll be surprised at how often you get, “Absolutely! I should’ve introduced you sooner. I wish I’d thought of it!”

Day 19 Thought Prompt

Learn the thing you said you wanted to learn.

Whatever resources you identified that would help you learn it … use them.

One step at a time. One day at a time. One lesson at a time. The future is coming anyway ~ the question is, “when the future arrives will you be better educated in this area or not?”

Day 20 Thought Prompt

Every time your trust in this process falters is a time to practice a deeper trust for the practice.

Meaningful change is rarely comfortable. If the process of revealing your passion and purpose were easy you wouldn’t even need these practices. Take your time. You’ve got this.

Inner peace, passion, purpose … they’re revealed to us over time. Everything we learn about ourselves surfaces when we try, try again. This is no different.

Day 21 Thought Prompt

Review your plan and resources from both the Clarity and Gathering portion of April.

  1. Pick one of those memories you’d like to make.
  2. Make it.

Be prepared for some momentum to pick up. Memories will be made but it is how you handle everything that goes into the process of making them that will reveal who you are, how you show up in the world and what you’re meant to do here.


Day 22 Thought Prompt

Meet the person who can help you make the memory.

Set up that coffee date. Take that walk. Pick up that phone. Whatever it takes to make it happen, make it happen.

Connecting with other people is the fastest way to grow anything you’re doing.


Day 23 Thought Prompt

Recommit to the learning and practice it takes to grow into the kind of person you want to be.

You’ve done a LOT in this month. Make sure you’re consolidating and assimilating everything you’re taking in. What are you making it mean? What else could it mean? Where’s the next “coincidence” that you can grab onto and do something with?


Day 24 Thought Prompt

That characteristic inside of you that you wanted to change and evolve…change it and allow it to evolve.

Bit by bit, smidgeon by smidgeon you’ll see this intention to change just happen. It will seem magical.



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