PoP ~ July Thought Prompts and Discussion

The rules are pretty simple:

  • This is a safe place for you to share your thoughts and ideas on each day’s prompt.
  • Critical thought and poignant questions are encouraged.
  • Any behavior that seems aggressive, abusive or attempts to undermine the efforts of other participants will be banned from the conversation and the site.

July’s journey is about identifying and acting on some of the inspirations that June’s work made way for.

Your Highest Self is (and always has been) guiding you to use your special gifts.

Now that you are listening to and trusting this guidance it’s time to narrow it down and do something with it.

Mantra: With grace and ease I step into my unique talents so that I may use them in service to myself, others and our shared circumstances.

Clarity Portion of the Month

(Days 1-10, minus weekends)

Get clear on what your inspirations have been (old and new).

Day 1 Thought Prompt

Dovetailing off of June’s work ….

I’ve noticed after trusting, and surrendering to, my intuition that I’ve been continually guided to ______________.

Don’t over think it and don’t limit yourself to one tiny little blank. Brainstorm. Get excited. There are no bad ideas or observations.


Day 2 Thought Prompt

Are there commonalities between what I’m being guided to now compared to in the past?

“I’ve always wanted to ___________” counts!!

We’re not doing anything with these yet. Just noticing.

Day 3 Thought Prompt

What do others see in you that you’re not tapping into?

Remember conversations that start, “the thing about you is _____,” or “you know what you’d be good at?”

It’s not that they inherently know better than you but they ARE more objective. They’re likely to see stuff in you that you’re unable to see (or fully own) in yourself.


Day 4 Thought Prompt

Same vein, different wording,

There was a time I used to love doing/playing/imagining ___________.

Day 5 Thought Prompt

I always saw myself ___________ or

I thought I’d be doing ____________ by now.

Be careful not to trail off in your mind to an unhelpful story about why you haven’t done these things. We’re not worried about how you go to this point. We’re merely scanning your past passions, interests and fantasies for clues to how you may get to the next point in your life.


Day 6 Thought Prompt

What have I found in my recharging process that brings me joy?

Those things you must do so you feel like yourself again …. why do they work?

Day 7 Thought Prompt

What have I done for others that seems to solve a problem?

Good listener? Great at gathering resources? Are you a connector? Give great recipe ideas?


Day 8 Thought Prompt

Now that you’ve reflected through the Clarity section, search for the common thread(s). How is one answer like another?

Ask me, your friends or colleagues to help you connect the dots.

Gathering Portion of the Month

(Days 11-20, minus weekends)

Review the resources you have available to you to move toward your passion and purpose.

This is an exercise in “how can I do more of that thing I’m being guided toward” so get playful and creative.

Day 9 Thought Prompt

Reflect on Day 1: What do I have in me, of me or around me to help me do more of that thing I just can’t get my mind off of?

Day 10 Thought Prompt

Reflect on Day 2: What do I have that will help me make comparisons? Old Journals? Old friends who knew me when? Projects?

We’re simply not objective of our own process. Resources that will help us remember can spark some grand ideas!


Day 11 Thought Prompt

Reflect on Day 3: Who has said tossed out ideas about your gifts and purpose and could have some follow up conversations about their insights?

Often you’ll find that multiple people have offered the same or similar insights. Write down as many as you can, even if they’re repeats.

Day 12 Thought Prompt

Reflect on Day 4: In what ways can I do that thing I used to love again?

Doesn’t have to be directly. If you can’t do gymnastics anymore may you can coach, fundraise or watch with your kids and share ideas. Any little bit of spark you can get from that “thing,” GET IT.

Day 13 Thought Prompt

Reflect on Day 5: Is there anything that can help me marry my previous dreams with my new discoveries?

Conferences, courses, books, hobbies, people?


Day 14 Thought Prompt

Reflect on Day 6: In what ways can I incorporate more of the things I listed that brings me joy (even in the smallest of ways)?

It doesn’t have to be bouncing off the walls kind of joy. It could be something simple like a few minutes of inspirational text or meditation. It could be a game of hide and seek before with the kids before racing off to your next errand.


Day 15 Thought Prompt

Reflect on Day 7: With whom can I brainstorm about ways I have helped or can help solve the problem I naturally solve?

Everyone has something that they’ve always naturally done well and because it has come easily they don’t give themselves credit for it. What’s yours?

Day 16 Thought Prompt

Reflect on Day 8: What do I have that will help me see commonalities I may have missed? Old journals? Old friends? Old resumes?

Anything from the past will offer a level of objectivity that will be super helpful in identifying the common denominator in your skillset and talents.

Action Portion of the Month

(Days 21-End, minus weekends)

I know it can be scary but you’re closing in now! Have those conversations and do those things you identified because August is going to be all about actually doing “The Thing” you’re meant to do.

Don’t worry, September is about the recharge and it is right around the corner.

Day 17 Thought Prompt

Reflect on Day 9: When you think about those things you’ve been guided to do start doing them. Keep track of the ensuing “coincidences” and serendipitous moments.

The more you surrender to this guidance the more magic will happen. Your purpose can find YOU now, instead of you being in search of your purpose. When you get an intuitive hit … cave to it. As Martha Beck says, “cave early, cave often.”

Day 18 Thought Prompt

Reflect on Day 10: Review the resources you grabbed and reflect on what they show you. Process with me in the Lovely Membership calls or with a trusted friend when you need help getting beneath the surface.

Sometimes, even in hindsight, we’re still to close to our life experience and perception to really see the gifts we’ve been given. Dive in deeply with someone who is more separate than you but who also has your best interest at heart and you will absolutely accelerate your results at this stage.

Day 19 Thought Prompt

Reflect on Day 11: Remember those people who have told you what you’d be good at? Reach out to them now.

Approach this exercise with curiosity and reciprocity. Getting attached to specific outcomes will blind you to what is actually in front of you where as playfulness will help you explore the possibilities. On your way to that coffee date, thinking about what they are good at and bring to the world will help you stay playful, it will get you out of your own head where you’re concerned AND it may be a great gift to them, as well.

Day 20 Thought Prompt

Reflect on Day 12: Remember that list you made of the activities you used to love doing? Add them to your to do list.

I don’t care if they seem frivolous or like a waste of time. [Tweet theme=”basic-white”]If you want to find your passion, you must first find your joy.[/Tweet]

Day 21 Thought Prompt

Reflect on Day 13: Recall the activities you “thought you’d be doing by now.” Those that you’re already doing…celebrate! Anything else…add into your life (and celebrate).

Similar to yesterday’s work don’t worry about “waste of time.” And remember to celebrate this inclusion of joy as if it is already working miracles into your life and revealing your purpose to you (because it is!!)

Day 22 Thought Prompt

Reflect on Day 6: Remember those activities you identified that bring you joy while you’re recharging? Schedule those in, prioritize them and follow through.

Consider these items a necessity from this point forward. No more, “I should do that one day,” or “I really need to” and then not following through.


Day 23 Thought Prompt

Reflect on Day 15: Brainstorm like crazy. You have been doing something that others admire but that you think is no big deal for a loooooonnnnng time. Make a list, partner with a long time friend or even a totally new, more objective influence in your life.

Write it down and revisit the list often. Allow the space and time for inspiration and new belief from this list. One day you’ll realize how badass this “I’ve always done it” thing really is.

Day 24 Thought Prompt

Reflect on Day 16: You looked for the common threads in your professional career. Review them. Put them next to yesterday’s brainstorm. Connect the dots. Play with it.


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