Dream Analysis Toolkit


Seeing 12:34 absolutely everywhere? How about that recurring dream of Uncle Ted whom you barely knew?

Your subconscious mind is tapped into your highest truths. These truths need your attention NOW!!

If you want deep, meaningful peace that fosters loving change in your life then you want to understand the meaning of aaaalllll of the symbols that are vying for your attention. You want this toolkit immediately.



There is a deep well of wisdom within you and it speaks to you through the language of your subconscious mind: symbols.

Whether you’re haunted by waking symbols or dream symbols there’s a message that desperately needs your attention!

The Dream Analysis Toolkit gives you everything you need to interpret and understand an UNLIMITED number of symbols from daydreams to sleep dreams alike.

Toolkit includes:

  • 1 Pdf
    • Introduction
    • How symbols work
    • Written instructions
  • 1 20m Video
    • Instructions
    • Real time example to follow
  • 2 pg Worksheet
    • Instructions with examples
    • Blank worksheet
  • Theta Meditations Package
    • Meditation instructions and tips
    • 3 min transitional meditation
    • 9 min assimilation mediation
    • 20 min deep healing mediation

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