The Squeeze


“It’s like ‘anxiety-be-gone’ magic”

The #1 best tool to decrease anxiety, improve sleep and increase your bandwidth for the work you’re meant to do.



The Anxiety Reduction Technique that increases sleep and clarity so you can have the bandwidth to do the work you’re meant to do.

    • Shut off your brain and sleep already!! Add clarity and energy to every single day.
    • “The Squeeze” is a physical technique that reduces anxiety. No hypnosis, no tricks.
    • So convenient too! Add to your favorite mp3 player and use anywhere.
    • Rediscover the vibrant, happy woman you know is in there.
    • Improve your well-being, making you a Happier, Healthier YOU!

…perfect before going to sleep. Can’t wait to try it first thing in the morning as well! I really feel rejuvenated from it!

Susie D-P
Denver, CO, Legal Shield


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