During the week of February 13th, 2017 several women’s charities, including Planned ParenthoodAAUW and Global Fund Women received generous donations (totaling $70,000) from Shofur, “a technology-first approach” to transportation rentals as an act of solidarity with those marching for equality during the Women’s March on January 21.

High call volumes in November, in preparation for the January demonstrations, alerted Armir Harris, CEO of Shofur, to the Women’s March and the opportunity it held to be a part of the equal rights mission. “As an Albanian refugee raised by a single mother, I felt strongly that this cause was something I wanted to support. So as a sign of solidarity, I decided that Shofur would donate $150 for every bus that was booked for the Women’s March on Washington.”


Given his background, paying it forward was a no-brainer for Harris.

More than an opportunity to give back, for Harris, this was a chance to celebrate the strong women in his own life who had not only raised him but given him hope for a more inclusive future. “Growing up, I was raised by my mother and my sister. I’ve always had strong female role models in my life and wouldn’t be the man I am today without them. I want to stand up for women’s rights today so that my future daughter will be able to live in a world where she never has to worry about receiving unfair treatment because of her gender.”


Fairness is a cornerstone of Shofur’s corporate culture.


Equality in the workplace is second nature at Shofur. There’s no grand standing or hubris, just a conscious effort to create “equal pay and equal opportunities.” Harris and the Shofur team prioritize equality in the workplace to make the work environment “an open, welcoming place for those of all ages, genders, colors and creeds.”

I was raised by my mother and my sister. I’ve always had strong female role models in my life and wouldn’t be the man I am today without them.
Armir Harris

CEO Shofur.com

Considering Shofur’s charitable efforts over the years to organizations like the Atlanta Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Susan G. Komen it is clear that Harris and his team are as committed to community improvement as they are to providing excellent service through transportation rental options. “We can do everything from renting shuttles for a small wedding to booking dozens of full-sized charter buses for large corporate clients, and we can do it very quickly and easily.” It’s no wonder a group so dedicated to providing a myriad of travel solutions so readily translates their helpfulness right back into their community and now, with these kind-hearted donations, out into the world!
Harris recognizes the power of action over lip-service, “I think so many people these days are quick to talk the talk, but they don’t really walk the walk.” Because he found a way to “walk the walk” he sees the potential for others to do the same, “my hope is that more companies will come forward and take a stand on these important issues. I think that by making sure we’re practicing what we preach, we might be able to inspire other CEOs or businesses to stand up for what they believe in instead of remaining silent because they’re scared of hurting their bottom line.”

Innovators and consumers alike have a choice to make.

In a world where a dollar spent is a vote cast we make a difference by patronizing businesses, especially small businesses, where we see conscious leadership and heart-centeredness as a core value to the service they provide. To book with Shofur visit shofur.com, call 1.800.436.8719 or email [email protected]. Remember to thank them for their dedication to equality!

Armir Harris and his entire team at Shofur are living proof that generosity and profitability are not mutually exclusive. No matter our field we can always choose to make meaning out of our work when we look at where our values meet our opportunities.

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