Ever get to a cruising point and then just want to stay there?

You know you’re meant for better…and it’s as easy as noticing.

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0:15 “Stuck” often comes after “Cruise”
1:00 What problem do you solve?
1:40 Who I am
1:45 What I do
2:00 Working with me is like “f-ing magic!”
2:25 Why I do “Scoping Out…”
3:00 Dormancy is normal
3:20 2 ways you get stuck
3:30 “Go, go, go” needs to go, go go!!
4:35 The Hero’s Journey – Joseph Campbell’s work
6:15 How many times do we REALLY commit??
6:45 Ways we re-commit
7:45 Be sweet to yourself, ESPECIALLY when you’re stuck
8:45 Helping yourself is helping others
9:35 Difference between self-care and self-absorption
10:20 Asking for help
12:10 Colleen Kelly – SuburbiaDropout.com
12:50 Find magical helpers, BE a magical helper
14:30 What if you don’t have help????
15:45 From “should” to “could”

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