Do harmful thoughts haunt you at times?

You’re not alone. Here’s what I do to let the love in!!

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My name is Triffany, just like Tiffany with an R. I help high-powered women create happiness AND success.

I practice what I preach and that’s what “Scoping Out…” is all about.

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0:30 What is “Scoping Out…”?
1:36 Julia Cameron, “The Artist’s Way”
2:10 Would you like a journaling prompt each day?
2:35 #FollowYourFeelGood
3:10 The hurtful thought that spawned the topic
3:20 The confirmation I needed
3:45 The journal entry
5:45 A late introduction
6:15 We’re ALL flawed and that’s wonderful news
6:25 Avoidance is natural – #NoJudgement
7:00 Our hardships serve our greater good
7:28 We’re programmed by our culture, upbringing, etc
9:10 This is how you investigate your story
9:55 All the icky thought a chance to speak
10:20 The voice will quiet
10:53 Fill that quiet with a helpful thought
11:00 2 possible perceptions
12:55 Share your thoughts
13:45 Helpful links
14:00 Calendar of events:
Lovely Members: Group Coaching, 2 & 4th Wednesday, 11a
Conscious Transitions: Office Hours, 1 & 3rd Wed, 11a
EVERYONE: Scoping Out… Wednesdays at 8:30(ish)
The Inside Scope – 3rd Thursdays at 9a
15:00 Much gratitude!! You’re the best!!