It is natural this time of year for one’s attention to turn to transition and cleanliness.  Springtime brings about that feeling of renewal and freshness; so much so that it is almost as though we cannot help ourselves.  We begin by picking up a room or a drawer that we’ve allowed to get cluttered with our tools of hibernation and soon find ourselves planning for improvement projects, gardens (even if we know we’re no good at it) and redecorating.

This is one of the reasons that Spring is my most favored seasons.  Though it is wonderful to affect this kind of change on our physical surroundings it can also do us much good to consider the opportunity to perform a similar Spring cleaning on our Mind/Soul/Self.

Instead of simply sorting the junk drawer ponder the mindset (or lack of) that went into the stockpiling in the first place.   Take a close look at what is in that junk drawer/room.  Dead batteries and broken pens?  Chargers and electronic pieces that you’re not sure what they go to?  Keys without locks?  Outdated stamps?  Whatever it is – take a look at and see if there are any parallels between that item and something in your life or your mindset.  Similar to a broken pen or a dead battery, perhaps you keep other broken or dead “things” in your life – friendships, relationships, grudges?  Did you keep them by default never realizing the clutter they created or did you knowingly stock them away because you couldn’t be sure if you’d ever need to focus on them again?  Consider the possibility that something could be gained (Hint:  There is MUCH to be gained) from simply saying, “this doesn’t serve me anymore” and letting it go?  Lockless keys may correlate to all the answers you have to problems that aren’t yours.  There’s a chance that you’re holding onto worry, regrets and decisions that are out of your control or from the distant past.  Recognize, mindfully, what issues are really your own to face and be willing to face them.  Don’t worry, you’ll have more energy to do that now that you’re letting everyone else’s go!!

Our default habits come from somewhere and they stick with us longer than we realize and in ways that may not even seem significant – like a junk drawer.  NOW is the time to give those patterns their due consideration.  Maybe they’ll be hard to let go and chances are good it will take you more than one time to relinquish them.  Remember,  practice makes perfect.  You may not even notice it the next time you throw a dead battery back in the drawer but perhaps you’ll notice it when you try to replace other dead batteries and you’ll have that same chance to revisit the recesses of your mind and ask yourself the question, “do I need this?”  If you don’t – let it go – without regret.

What are some examples you’ve come across, either this Spring or in previous Springs/Cleansing sessions?