Conscious Transitions:


A Home Course In Grief & Growth

The #1 Course For A Healthy Divorce

The Challenge

You know it’s time to say goodbye to your spouse and you want to do it as easily as possible.

There are just so many things outside of your control:

  • Others’ reactions: your kids, friends and family are hurting and maybe even angry
  • Major obligations: lawyers, paperwork, money, parenting decisions
  • You’re trying to be civil but every single argument comes up repeatedly (and in worse ways).

You know,in your heart, divorce is the best long-term solution but how the hell do you navigate it all right now??
You’re beginning to wonder if you’ll ever come out of the other side of this.
Even when you do emerge from the darkness, how on Earth are you going to have enough of YOU left to create anything new or better?!

The whole point of getting a divorce is to have a fresh start ~ a chance to do things differently.

The problem is you’re so quagmired in the divorce itself there’s nothing left to do things differently and all you can reliably use is your old default habits…and where have those gotten you?!

The Solution

Get control over your own grieving process AND learn how to use every step of the divorce process (even the bullshittiest bullshit) to your advantage.

The tools in Conscious Transitions help you:

  • understand the stages of grief so you can:
    ~ know what to expect
    ~ can prepare your kids (and others)
    ~ realize the whole journey is temporary
  • create a plan for an empowering emotional response when:
    ~ your own anger or sadness is triggered
    ~ your kids’ or friends’ difficult emotions arise
    ~ your ex-spouse seems to be purposefully pushing all your buttons
    ~ you forget all of your tools and need reminding that you’re a decent human being (because sometimes you’ll be the jerk).
  • retrain your brain to work from your strengths for accelerated growth so you have enough resources and strength to build something fantastic with your fresh start.

With these practices you’ll reach new heights because of your divorce experience (not just in spite of it)!

You’re doing this so you can start over. Why not start over better than ever??

Whether you’re at the beginning, middle, or post divorce these ideas and practices slide right into life you’re leading now so you can get started right away.
The sooner you begin, the sooner you can fall in love with your life again!! 

Freedom Starts NOW!!


Your first step toward feeling whole again is one. little. click.

Did you ever imagine it could be this easy?

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Educational Modules

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Untethered, Unstoppable You

You get to choose. This divorce CAN serve you.


Find “your business” (the areas you CAN control) and own it! No more getting sucked into other people’s drama.



Listen to and trust your inner guidance. Make decisions and action easier than ever (especially now that you’re not carrying old baggage).



Tap into your superpowers. You have them…you’ll learn to find and fully leverage them!



Take charge of your future (now that you’re healed, whole and happy about life again).

  • Improved Work/Life Balance 67% 67%
  • Improved Communication Skills 72% 72%
  • Improved Relationships 73% 73%
  • Improved Self Confidence 80% 80%

These statistics say it all

Maya Angelou once said, “once you know better, do better.”
You’ve made the choice to close this chapter.
Make the choice to learn from your experience.
You want to reflect on your divorce experience and know that you truly stopped repeating patterns and mistakes….don’t you?

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You get:

    • 12 e-modules you take at your own leisure from anywhere with internet.

~ Modules include:
Video lessons
Worksheets (and instructions)
Mp3 recordings for breathing or visualization practices
Online Quizzes

    • Office Hours calls

~ Twice a month
~ Bring your questions about the tools, how they work, what went right (or wrong)

    • Archive access to previous calls
    • Ongoing support with Triffany and other students, privately, through the lessons

Right now, when you place your order you’ll receive a code that allows for 1 free month’s membership. That’s 2 group coaching calls absolutely free (and all of the other benefits as well). That’s a $47 value!

Take charge of your future!

Find such peace and happiness that no ex, or anyone, can push your buttons again.


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Finally, there is a step by step process that is gentle and empowering that can help us through our toughest times.

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