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“I’m in the middle of switching careers. I have a lot of knowledge and experience from my past that i know will benefit this new direction. I keep catching myself being overwhelmed by the thought that if I don’t apply all of my knowledge and experience right now, from the beginning, that i’m doing it ‘wrong’ . The overwhelm is paralyzing!”

S. – From Ohio

I help #StrongWomen realize the dream of success AND happiness by giving the tools that clean the slate, create the blueprint and build their brightest future.
My name is Triffany (just like Tiffany with an R) and this is “Scoping Out” where I share the tools and ideas I teach using examples from my own life.

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0:20 Triffany, Just like Tiffany with an R
0:40 2 Scopes via Periscope
1:20 The Big Question: Ending Analysis Paralysis
2:00 Our vision grows every time we take on a new transition
3:00 What do you want to bring to the world?
4:40 There’s no wrong move
4:50 Take a step, any step
5:30 Come to grace first ALWAYS
6:20 Allow for evolution
8:00 Slow growth serves big success
9:00 Small Inspirations garner BIG results
10:00 Be the boss
11:10 Let the structure be fluid
11:50 No emotional attachment to 1 particular outcome
12:50 Unintentional blinders
14:00 Stay present to the journey, not the outcome
14:40 Progress, not perfection
15:25 Allow for growth
15:45 Only have to do the next 5 minutes
16:40 Only responsible for the next step
17:00 Calendar of Events
18:55 Look for Proof
19:30 Find a partner – we’re not objective observers of our own life
20:20 You’re already on track
21:00 Magic happens
22:34 Fashion Mullet

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