The Abundance Experiment Manifesto

This manifesto, like the abundance experiment itself, is a work in progress and is inspired from a letter I wrote to my Self on July 5, 2015.

The Manifesto Expert

If you want more information about the benefits of a manifesto you really want go see my incredibly brilliant and insightful best friend, Freya Lustie, speak sometime.

Why a Manifesto?

I’ve kind of always had certain characteristics in mind that I love to include in my life endeavors (joy, honesty/transparency, creativity, authenticity, etcetera). I check in from time to time to make sure I’m living by that loose code. I’ve never actually written them down. I’ve done Vision and Mission Statements, of course, but never a manifesto.

I have no intention to structure this experiment as I’ve structured previous projects; this is not a business endeavor or an means to an end.

I will not create a Vision or a Mission statement because that would tempt me to treat it like a set of instructions as if I would only do the right things then abundance will come. Maybe at some point I’ll decide differently. If, by now, you’re interested in experimenting with your own abundance mindset and you prefer a Vision or a Mission statement go ahead and do that. The important thing to understand is this, the only work that is necessary in this experiment of flowing abundance is to not “work” at all but to play, feel and appreciate life in a more robust way. What robust means to me at this snapshot in time is embracing multiple layers of an experience at once; grabbing hold of the comfortable and the uncomfortable and as much as I can of the in between and beyond.

The Manifesto (for now)

  • Allow abundance to flow through me.
  • Notice the fear that arises and I will listen to it and use it. I will not suppress it.
  • Tap into and capitalize on the emotional and physical sense of freedom (joy, curiosity, playfulness, limitlessness, expansion and gratitude) to guide me through all of my decisions.
  • Practice non-attachment, especially to specific outcomes. Even the outcome that I must remember this tenet.
  • Remember that I am not my money.
  • Rather I am the vehicle that allows for what money may represent: love, growth, opportunity and freedom.
  • I can choose those characteristics at any time.
  • Create.
  • Co-create.
  • Collaborate.
  • Remember to ask for help.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 3.16.12 PMJust for fun I copy/pasted the contents of this blog into to see what it might look like as a graphic. I like it!