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    Real Answers To Real-Life Problems

    We all have those “this again?!” times in our life.

    This time you don’t have your very own Certified Professional Life Coach to give you the tools that break old patterns and empower new beginnings.

    Fill out the form above with your scenario and question and it may get answered in my next “The Inside Scope” periscope!

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    Human problems are human problems…we can ALL relate and we’re in this together.

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    Tune in and participate LIVE every 3rd Thursday at 9am Mountain Time via Twitter’s Periscope App on your phone or computer.

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    What's Periscope?

    Periscope is live, streaming video straight to your phone or computer.
    Each Inside Scope episode is filmed live and recorded unedited on the 3rd Thursday of every month at 9am Mountain Time.
    Your questions will be answered by me, Triffany on “The Inside Scope.” Get it? It’s like “scoop” only it’s “scope” because it’s on Periscope?? Geez, Louise that’s great stuff right there.

    What kinds of questions can I ask?

    Whether you’re grieving, growing or on your way to greatness I’ve got a tool that will help you resolve old hurts, find new gifts and help you build your dreams.

    Here are some examples:

    • How do I forgive my ex?
    • Help, my _________ (insert circumstance: job/relationship/stage of life) is dragging me down. What should I do?
    • I freaking knew better than to _______ (insert lesson you should know by now) and I did it anyway. Why do I keep doing this?
    • I try to set boundaries but no one respects them. How do I get them to listen to me?
    Who can ask questions?

    I prefer that you’re either over 18 or pretty mature for your age. Other than that as long as you’re here with a genuine desire to improve your life…ask away!

    The tools I offer are simple, everyday practices that are meant to integrate into the life you’ve created.

    Can I ask more than one question?


    Where do I find old episodes?

    I put them on my YouTube channel under “The Inside Scope” Playlist

    You’ll also find previous recordings of my “Scoping Out…” Series on there where I share my epiphanies from my own, personal inner journey.