“The essence of true friendship is to make allowance for another’s lapses.”  Frankfort Moore

Painfully often it is the people who love us the most that seem to get the most frustrated with our healing progress (or lack thereof).

Remember, that frustration is usually coming from a frustration on their part because they’ve run out of ways to help, or advice to give – they’ve exhausted all of their tools and it’s upsetting to them that their help hasn’t fixed anything at all.

People who love you have an agenda…they want you to be well and happy. 

Understand this is NOT a reflection of your value or worth in their eyes; their frustration is more a reflection of their own inability to help.  Your path is your path and as much as friends/family want to they can neither build it for you or make sure you walk it in a way that is satisfying to them.

Understanding this simple concept  (this is not your failure) puts you back in a place of power – not over them, over yourself – so that you can continue to treat them with compassion and work toward your own healing.  We can only build from our empowering places and our empowering places are in love.