Our pain transforms into healing once we stop treating it like the enemy.

Let’s face it, we’re wired to avoid pain. In times where survival really is at stake thank goodness for the inherent biology that makes us run, hide, or fight back. However, the time does come when it is more appropriate to embrace our discomfort so that we can transform our pain into healing. When all of our physical needs are met and we’ve moved beyond mere survival we find ourselves with an impulse to actually do something with our gifts, create a new direction in our lives or grow confidence and self-esteem in ourselves personally.

This is the time when our uncomfortable circumstances become the reflection we need to do our personal work. It’s that odd pull we feel to do something different when we start realizing that “everyone always does _____” is a copout on our part and even though we’re compelled to ask some hard questions of ourselves it’s also extremely painful to see the reflection we don’t like.

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