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Want to make a living out of what you love?
Don’t even know what you love but you know you don’t love what you have?

This is the home course for you!!

Find Your Vision, Create Your Mission:
A Dream Building Course For The Reluctant Dreamer

The Challenge

You’ve busted your ass to have the things you and your family want.

You can mark off all of your accomplishments but you feel:

  • exhausted
  • unfulfilled
  • and guilty for not feeling more grateful!

You have long-held suspicions that you’re not on this planet to merely exist in some daily grind.

Even you if you know your passion (SO many people don’t) you have no idea how to make it any different.

It’s time to go big or go home but how do you DO that when there’s so much to lose if you get it wrong?! 

The Solution

Find and follow your “thing.”

The tools in “Find your Vision, Create your Mission” help you:

  • deconstruct previous life experiences to find, not only what you’re good at, but what lights you up (even if you’re sure you don’t have one).
  • create the plan for building out and developing that “thing.” So you have actionable steps you can take each and every day.
  • give you the tools to cope with the ups and downs of developing that “thing.” So you know just what to do if it goes asunder or is misunderstood by others.

These exercises and tools help you understand yourself better and create a more fulfilling life!

Only a few lucky souls find their “thing” early on in life and it often goes unappreciated because it’s always been there. You’ll not only embark on the journey that finds your “thing” you’ll create gratefulness habits that will help in everything you do.  

Clarity is the alchemy that turns possibility into probability.

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Untethered, Unstoppable You

Want better? Then do better.



Fun exercises help you deconstruct your previous experiences so you can find the common threads that you 1) excel at and 2) enjoy.



Identify and unravel your shoulds/shouldn’ts and your woulda/coulda/shoulda’s so you can find and work with a Truth that empowers you and propels you forward



Create an actionable plan that is both consistent and agile (so you can make daily progress and still know when to update the plan when necessary).


4 Office Hours Calls specifically for active Vision/Mission students and 3 months FREE access to the Lovely Membership for 6 group coaching calls to coach you through any of your own personal “stuff” that comes up from digging deeply. This helps you address any mental blocks, negative self-talk or limiting beliefs that come up as you work through the materials.

  • Improved Work/Life Balance 67% 67%
  • Improved Communication Skills 72% 72%
  • Improved Relationships 73% 73%
  • Improved Self Confidence 80% 80%

It's hard to argue with results!

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