LoveNutrients“A woman who loves always has success.”  – Vicki Baum

Tired of playing Hot Potato with your resolutions?  Or maybe you’re fairly evolved and don’t make them but know there are some things you’d like to improve about yourself…  I’ve posted about the difference between fear as a motivator and love as a motivator but that can easily be one of those ideas that makes more sense in theory.  Really, it’s only because you’re out of practice – what you’re about to read is kind of a “great big duh.”

Here’s a simple litmus test for you.  There’s no rallying cry when Love is involved.  There’s no need to talk yourself into or out of a habit.

Think of those times when you’ve been excited to take on a new adventure, a new project or a new routine.  If you weren’t already in the midst of the new activity, you were dreaming about ways you could approach it.  If you were already actively pursuing it, you lost track of the hour.  When you were finished for the day you couldn’t wait to get back to it.  You felt CURIOUS and PLAYFUL and AWAKE.

When Love is involved, the deepest, most essential part of who you are wants to come out and play.  What more do you need to take action than that?


Triffany is The Wellness Accomplice, Trauma & Illness Recovery Coach.  You can learn about her and her services at