Referral Program

Help Others Help Themselves

Ever wonder how to help people through healing and growing? Simply tell them about the opportunities here.

Help Yourself Fatten Your Wallet

Take that vacation or pay off some bills.

Earn 10-20%* of your referrals’ investments in themselves.

Help This Program Thrive

You know people I don’t! You can help me spread the word about the incredible work that’s accomplished with these tools.

Here’s How it works:

It’s pretty simple, really…

Sign Up as a Referral Partner

Scroll down this page and enter the email you use with PayPal to become a referral partner

That way I know where to send your money!

They Tell Me Who Sent Them

Make sure they mention you in their intake process so I know to start the clock.

Refund Policy

New clientele are entitled to 100% refund within the first 25% of any course or the first month of their paid membership. Referral bonuses will be paid after that time has elapsed.

Referral Bonus Structure

  • 20% Referral Bonus for Membership subscriptions
    for as long as they’re a member.
  • 10% Referral Bonus for Courses
    (Conscious Transitions, Vision/Mission & FTW).
  • No Referral Bonuses offered for 1 on 1 Coaching
    due to confidentiality issues.
  • No Referral Bonuses on subsequent purchases.

Have Friends Who Tell Friends

Earn multiple Referral Bonuses with more referrals! I’ll send you a check for each new client you send my way who qualifies.

Take a Vacay or Pay Down Some Debt

Take your money and feel REALLY good about what you do with it.  You hear me? Don’t mindlessly spend it… feel really good about how and where you spend it.

Make Money While Helping Others!!

Get Started Right Away

Submit your email to become a Referral Partner.

How do I receive my money?

Sign up with the email you use with your Pay Pal account and when someone drops your name I drop some money into your account.

Using PayPal keeps the process simple on my end. I’m going to keep it that way for now.

Who Qualifies as a Referral?

New clients, in either the

  • Lovely Membership (20% referral rate for as long as they’re members) or
  • in the Conscious Transitions Home Course, the Find your Vision, Create your Mission Home Course, or the F.A.I.L.* to Win course (10% referral rate on the price they paid).

You get paid on the first investment they make in themselves.

Any additional courses they take do not count as additional referrals.

Are there any reasons I wouldn't get my bonus?
  1. They don’t mention you.
  2. They cancel within the first 25% of the course.
  3. They cancel in their first month of membership.
  4. You give me a non-PayPal email address.


Do I have to signup to get the bonus?


I need to know who to send the money to when someone signs up. Due to confidentiality reasons I won’t identify to you who signed up so all I can do is say, “Oh..yeah…that lovely lady?” Then check my list. If “that lovely lady” is on my list then she gets her bonus.

If she’s not then I send a great big “Thank You” into the ether, which is great, but you can’t go on vacation with an ethereal “Thank You.”

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