Positive thinking is just wishful thinking…until you add the secret ingredients.

“So … is this class all about positive affirmations, thoughts and stuff?”

This has been the opening question to the pre-class chit-chat at almost every Asset Based Thinking class I’ve taught. It’s phrased differently each time but the sentiment is the same, “Is this real or just fluffy talk?”

The Secret, Law of Attraction, Positive Psychology … you feel in your hear of hearts that there’s something to it but there’s a struggle to accept and implement once the pie in the sky notions of the monetary windfall meet the cold hard reality that you are still at the job you planned to leave after a year and you really don’t ever play the lottery anyway. Why do we keep talking about  positive thinking and is there a way we can make good use of it?

We keep talking about it mainly because …

<h4)The Law of Attraction is universal in its appeal.

It’s guiding principles have been taught in almost al religions and philosophies throughout the world, over thousands of years. It’s been channelled through sages, the benefits have been touted by spiritual avatars and if you’ve ever gotten really clear and done the work it doesn’t take long to see proof of it yourself. Basically, we not only want to believe that life can be easy, we already suspect it. There’s that nagging feeling most of us have that just knows we can drop the struggle.

By and large we’re affluent enough to be able to …

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