Years ago a friend told me about this project she saw on a popular crowd-funding website. I had no idea what crowdfunding was. She informed me it’s a really cool place to find some great ideas thought up by brilliant minds who just need some money to make it happen.

I checked it out.

She was right.

It’s simple really:
1) Someone has a big idea,
2) They have a plan to make that big idea happen,
3) They need the money to make that plan manifest,
4) They ask people that might enjoy the finished product to donate to the cause and
5) Donors are rewarded by being the first to own the new creation.

Not only was it inspirational to see some ordinary Joes and Josephinas have a way to bring their grandiose plans to fruition but I learned, early on, that crowd funding is a rewarding way to learn about what’s new and what’s next and I could reap the biggest benefit of early adoption of an idea and that is to claim that I knew about it before it was cool. Is THIS how hipsters claim early adoptions rights on everything that is new to me?? It’s gotta be.

Finally, I could be one of the cool kids before even the cool kids knew what was cool! (Just joking) (Only kinda) (Not really.)

I really enjoyed feeling like I could help make someone’s dream come true with my meager, turned monumental, $25 donation. Over the years I’ve helped people’s creative ideas become a real thing in the world. I think that’s pretty neat.

Last week, I started my own crowd funding campaign to raise the funds to publish my book. I mistakenly assumed that when I said “I’ve launched my crowd funding campaign – help me publish my book,” that people would jump on board and pre-purchase my book through the campaign. Instead I got, “congratulations,” or “that’s great, can’t wait to read it!” While I kept thinking, “thanks but….go buy the book!!”

After a couple face-to-face conversations with people I realized there are a LOT of people who don’t know what crowd funding is.

The experience brought to the forefront of my mind an issue that continues to come up for me…

What else have I learned that I take for granted that might be new to others? Furthermore, what have YOU learned that you’re taking for granted that might be new to me?

There is a cognitive bias known as the Inclusion Bias. It is the basic assumption that we are like others and others are like us. Ever taken a personality test before a job that asks questions like, “I don’t steal, but I think it is common that others steal at least small items (like post it notes) from time to time?” They’re testing your unconscious bias.

We ASSUME that we’re all on the same page. If I know it YOU must know it too.

But what if, somewhere in your life experience you have volumes of knowledge and insight that is not only worth sharing but could be deepened by the sharing process? I’m betting you do!

Here are some of the best ways I’ve found to look beneath assumptions:

  • Approach your life and the lives of others with curiosity and wonderment. Feeling we already know everything blocks our ability to learn anything new – even just a shift in perspective is hard to accomplish with a “been there, done that” attitude.
  • Engage in conversations about life experiences with others. Ask clarifying questions. We may be using the same words but that doesn’t mean that we’re drawing the same conclusions
  • Really listen to others’ interpretations of you, your gifts and your contributions. Stop dismissing something as valuable just because you’ve come by it easily or you already live in mastery of it.
  • Make it safe for people to question you. The first woman who told me she didn’t really get “it” when I told her I was crowdfunding initially felt silly. So I asked her to ask more questions and I thanked her for her honesty. How else could this have been revealed to me?

This post has three purposes:

  1. I want to inform you of this tool that may help you bring your own dreams to bear someday
  2. I want you to investigate where your assumptions lie and discover some hidden gem underneath them
  3. I really do want your help with my campaign, so here are the logistics:

F.A.I.L. to Win: For All Is Love – THE BOOK!

1) My big idea: Helping people be happy by teaching them to make the most of their life experiences. In short, I want you to love yourself again.
2) My plan: Take the life-transforming program I’ve developed and put it in book form so it can reach more people.
3) My financial requirement: Turns out layout designers, graphic artists, editors and publishers like to get paid…who knew?
4) My ask: I’m asking you to make the investment in yourself by donating to this plan through the Indiegogo campaign. It’s a win/win, really.
5) Your rewards:
You will be one of the first to own at least a copy of the book (maybe more depending on your level of commitment).
You get to say hipster-y things like, “Triffany? Oh…you’re just now finding out about her? I was the 20th person to buy her book on Indiegogo back in 2014. But I’m glad you’ve finally figured it out.”
You get a head start on life-altering practices like forgiveness and living life on purpose.
You will forever know that you played a hand in making these tools available to people who may not be able to afford the time or money to take the course. In what size shall I order your super-hero cape?

Here’s how you pre-purchase:

1) Click on this link.
2) Watch the video and/or read the content for more clarity on the project.
3) Donate by clicking on the perk you want OR by using the “Donate Now” button in the upper right hand corner.
4) Spread the word. My reach is limited to the people who already know me until you share it with your group and let them know why it’s meaningful to you.

Once the campaign is complete I will use the funds to publish my book. Once published I will mail you your book along with your rewards.

That’s it.
Huge gratitude in advance. Seriously.

Oh…and let me know what you find out about your own assumptions. I LIVE for those kinds of emails and comments.