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This week we’re talking about managing all of the millions of things we have to do in a day/week/month and still keep our sanity.

0:18 What is The Inside Scope?
0:51 How do I submit a question?
1:20 The holidays pile on the overwhelm
2:24 Today’s question
2:57 Ways we perpetuate overwhelm
3:43 What we resist, persists
5:41 The struggle is real
6:50 The simple tool that changes it all
7:16 And v But
7:35 Start with a choice
8:46 It doesn’t ALL have to be done
9:36 Have to v Get to / Need to v Want to
10:52 A habit is in place
11:36 How does this apply to your life?
11:56 An alternate to saying “no”
15:09 How to de-stress after Thanksgiving is over?
17:03 Self-Trust is key
18:44 Final tip from the F.A.I.L.* to Win Self Empowerment Course
21:38 ACK

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