The Abundance Experiment’s Inspiration

The inspiration for this public and terrifying experiment comes from a letter I wrote myself on July 5, 2015.

I want to be clear that The Abundance Experiment has not had some elaborate plan behind it. Nor does it have an anticipated outcome. I’m simply providing the opportunity to experience in the physical world what I experienced in the meditation where I saw the science lab fun, curiosity, playfulness and freedom.

What you must understand

It’s important that you know this is not my first foray into severing attachments to my ex. I’ve been divorced for 3 years. In that time I have done a shit-ton of inner work using my own education, tools and practices as well as relying on friends and other professionals. I have worked and continue to work on freeing myself from any conscious, unconscious or subconscious entanglements I have to my ex, his story, his energy and his future. Not because he’s a bad person but because I’m on my own, distinctly separate path. This last severance has been the most difficult for me. Which is probably why it has happened so abruptly. My good friend Dr. Sandra Thebaud uses the term “with grace and ease” at the end of her requests for growth. I wish I’d remember to add it myself.

Healthy, loving severance from the past happens in layers. There is no “one and done” when it come to the work that brings us inner peace.

Notes to Self

On July 5, after journaling and meditating, at the bottom of a journal page I had the inspiration to write this small note to my ex-husband:

“I will always hold love for you, Doug, even now as your future is completely separate from mine emotionally, physically, energetically and now financially as well.”

Inspiration struck with a fervor and on the next page and a half I wrote this letter to my Self:

“Dear Self,

It can be no coincidence that you find yourself so auspiciously untethered during the time that we celebrate Independence.

Independence means a lot of things to you right now. Some of the feelings that arise are momentarily doubtful & a little scary & that’s ok. Doubt and fear are merely a piece of the process and in no way reflect the reality of your new situation, nor do they hinder any of the success that is already manifest and building more momentum. You’ve been tethered to a falsehood that you needed a man’s catering in order to feel safe. That’s ok too – if you hadn’t believed that you wouldn’t know it to be as decidedly untrue as you know it now. Doug was the best spiritual advisor for this lesson & the dissolution of the karma around that old, burdensome belief – which is one of the reasons he’ll always have your love and gratitude. He’s also partially responsible for bringing two angels of Light into your life and deserves to be acknowledged for that contribution as well – not just to your life but to the world!!

Self, you have not just closed out a chapter with this new-found independence. You have closed out an entire book. You have already begun a new book, in a genre that will forever inform your limitless future. You are no longer tethered by any belief about what you “need” to be secure and safe. Your beliefs are broad, open and without boundaries and so is the abundance that is borne of this new story. From this point forward you will attract Love in all its forms including immeasurable financial wealth. You will have so much fun with this new form of Love that it will flow through you like air – transforming you and everything you touch. You will feel playful, light, curious, joyous, ever-expanding and larger than life itself simply because you open yourself up to abundance in this way.

You are already doing everything to receive this.

Just remember this Truth moving forward and allow the outcome to proceed as planned.”

This partially conscious encouragement is now the basic framework for the manifesto of the abundance experiment.