Are you really, REALLY going with the flow?

Last week we talked about the rough and tumble side of the journey toward your goals. Rough and tumble you’re used to, I’m sure. But seeing it as a useful and even necessary part of your path is a whole new take on any “why me” lamentations you may have.

Deconstruct your achievements into a few bulleted to-do items and it all looks so easy! The truth of the matter is, each of those bullets took mountains of work to get to (and grow through).

Become Your Ideal Self

Action items are great, don’t get me wrong. No matter how much you wish you could dream something into reality success simply does not work that way.

To change your life you’ve got to change what you do.
To do anything without consciousness, is never enough.
The doing is merely the stepping stone to being.

If you don’t become, at the core of who you are, exactly what you want you will wear yourself out. Your success will come sporadically as an unsustainable farce.

Be Intentional

You know, now, that your trials help you grow.
That means your very next step is to embark on a leg of your journey where you’re prepared to be challenged. 

  • A class
  • A date
  • A new job
  • An investment

Whatever makes you simultaneously nervous and excited is the thing you’re meant to do. Peruse the catalogs, apps and newspapers until you’re clear on what to do next. Use the Passion on Purpose thought prompts and benefit from their accumulative effect. 

Plan. Execute. Ditch The Plan. Plan Again.

The best way to achieve anything is to boldly move on a solid action plan.
Followed by total surrender.

Surrender is NOT inaction.

Surrender is following your instincts, even when the answers you get don’t make sense.
It’s no longer being emotionally attached to any specific outcome. Sounds counter-intuitive, I know, but it’s true.

Going with the flow of everything life brings you is all about finding what is perfect, motivating and useful, even when you are doubtful or scared or feel like a failure.

This means that while it’s super important to make and start to follow the plan. It’s equally important to throw it out the window once you have more information or your instincts light up.

During January, when you think about your goals, gather up all possible routes that could get you there. Map them out. Then stay open to routes you can’t even anticipate until you take action. Expect to be derailed or redirected. That way, when you’re thrown off course, you don’t have to battle with defeating thoughts about what “should’ve” happened. Instead, like Odysseus on the open sea, you’ll know that whatever awaits you is a perfect fit for you and want you’re trying to achieve. 

To quote Maya Angelou (slightly out of context, but always relevant) “…when you know better, do better.” Let your action steps put you into motion. Let your knowledge gained give you new direction.




Helpful Tips

  • If you haven’t already started your journal for the Passion on Purpose (PoP) prompts do so now.
  • Write out as many Plan A, B and Cs that you can think of. Leave room for the ones you cannot.
  • As you make plans for January’s “New Beginnings” commit to actions, not outcomes.
  • Learn to be ok with the unexpected. Remember from last week’s chit-chat life’s challenges condition you for your success in your goals.

Stay in touch with me as you go. You can always share your PoP Thoughts and Comments to help you build momentum.