I was on top of the world and there was no “conquering” necessary!  You CAN reach your monumental goals without “The Struggle.”

At 14,270 feet there is no sign of civilization…

…apart from the beer drinkers, the photographers, the meditators and the woman with the Ken doll representing her ex that was to be sacrificially thrown off the mountain.

On Saturday, September 13, 2016 my kids and I climbed Gray’s Peak, our first 14er.

“14er” is mountaineer speak for any peak greater than 14,000 feet high and less than 15,000 feet high. Out of 7,000+ miles of mountains shared between 8 mountain ranges, there are only 96 14ers in the United States.


Needless to say I’m extremely proud of myself and my kids for this amazing achievement. We’ve done a LOT of hiking and nothing has compared to the rigors of this climb. It was a psychological and physical test to beat all tests, to be sure.

The journey didn’t start at the base of Mount Gray. The journey didn’t even start last fall when I picked the date and made a promise to myself to try. I didn’t realize it at first but the journey toward the top of that mountain started somewhere between the summer day in 2004 I decided to live (after meningitis gave me another option) and 2 years later when I decided that I absolutely couldn’t continue watching my internal spark dwindle to “save” anything…not even my marriage.

After a whole slew of tragedies hit my and my then husband we found ourselves starting completely over in life. We’d lost everything: our home, our businesses, our investment properties everything except our marriage (which wouldn’t survive much longer).

I felt something subtle yet profound shift inside of me. I HAD to give up the fight, the struggle, the battle. Somehow, after my brush with death, I knew that “the fight” was the problem. I’d had “the struggle” my whole life ~ struggle to overcome, struggle for my voice, struggle for my education, struggle for my relationships. I don’t judge myself for this, it was a coping mechanism that got me through some really tough times and taught me a lot. I truly believed that I could manhandle my life into submission and create some idyllic existence where all my dreams came true. And I kinda did just that. Except….I was exhausted. I looked around me and saw that in the physical world I had everything I ever wanted or needed but I couldn’t feel grateful because something in me just felt…spent.

I reached success but I hadn’t done it sustainably. I only knew how to build success through struggle.

Everything it has taken me to heal my body, spirit and mind went into climbing that mountain. All of the tools, the healing, the introspection, the sheer POWER derived from using the heart-centered tools I’ve learned and created over the years. Yes, the mountain depleted me physically but it FED me internally because my mindset and belief system has changed. So much so that I was planning my next 14er adventure on the way home from this one!

I’ve learned how to fuel myself with my efforts, not be depleted by them!

I use these tools on a daily basis to:

  • Build my business filled with purpose and Love.
  • Create and foster a healthy relationship with my teenagers. (Admit it, that’s pretty badass!)
  • Nurture healthy friendships.
  • Heal my body. (if you’ve ever recovered from chronic illness you’ll understand that this is pretty badass too)
  • Repair my relationship with my Mom. (here’s the backstory on the reason THIS is badass for both of us)

Basically…I use the tools I’ve learned and created to lead a rich, full, rewarding life filled with adventures on every level WITHOUT guilt, doubt or depression.

I’m not immune to the normal highs and lows cycle that is a part of every living thing on the planet but I AM able to roll with those cycles so I can take full advantage of all phases.

It’s heart driven success…not ego driven and that’s what makes it so sustainable!!

I’ve spent the last 12 years learning how to create heart-driven success AND I’ve built the course to help you do it, too.

F.A.I.L.* to Win (FTW) teaches you exactly what you need in order to build, change and heal whatever it is you’re working to build, change or heal WITHOUT “THE STRUGGLE.”

Honestly, knowing that you can:

  • Learn what I’ve learned (without taking the 12 years it took me to learn it)
  • Use what I’ve created to fast track your progress (I’ve done the hard part for you)
  • Add peace of mind and happiness to your success OR
  • Add success and peace of mind to your happiness
  • Stop “The Struggle” in your life!!
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The thing is…you’ve got everything you need locked deep inside of you. Somewhere along the way you lost the key.

I know how it feels to perceive failure in your life. I know how it feels to feel that I’ve created a win. And I know something even better. I know how to fall into the flow of peace, happiness and success and let the Win take shape around me…this type of victory cannot be described, only felt. You can unlock that feeling, that success, that WIN … and the key is F.A.I.L.* to Win.

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