It’s not about the abundance itself, it’s about the feeling of abundance.

The Abundance Feeling

It’s something I’ve always read and tried to do consciously.
In all honestly it’s something I teach in every program I offer!

I teach it because it freaking WORKS. And yet…the “it,” the feeling of abundance has seemed to elude me somehow.

In The Abundance Experiment’s Manifesto I wrote down a kind of promise to myself about what is really going to happen differently as I create this new experience around money and the flow of it as a form of energy.

In essence I will use the emotions I’ve always imagined I’d have once money is no longer an issue.

The Feeling of Freedom

My best guess about what it feels like to have so much money you’re no worried about it anymore is that it feels like freedom!

I have had times when I’ve felt free so why not tap into that! To me freedom feels:

  • Joyous
  • Curious
  • Playful
  • Appreciative (not relief, more than a conscious grateful thought but deeply appreciative)
  • Expansion
  • Non resistant

These have been the yardstick by which I’ve measured my activities and moments this week.

One Example that stuck out:

I woke up Monday morning and realized that in my semi-conscious state I was playing out an imaginary conversation asking my ex when he was going to be able to help out again. I became more conscious and realized how easy it was to believe I was still reliant on him.



I ensconced myself in the memories of being able to pay my bills and how much fun it is to pay off a credit card or watch the savings amount rise with what my payment used to be.

I genuinely enjoy writing a check to someone who has provided me a service so I wrapped myself up in it.

I also remembered that in that exact moment, in my bed, under a roof, with my kitty all curled up and snoring and the squirrels and birds chirping outside my window that I had absolutely everything I needed.

Non resistant

My fear rose, “yeah but in 3 weeks you’re screwed!” I allowed that voice and thanked it for trying to warn me for that possibility.


I told my voice, my ego-ic defense mechanism who I long ago named Seymore Faltz, that as long as we were playing out made up scenarios how great was it going to feel to be able to pay a contractor to install the replacement door I bought with my own freaking money derived from all of these years of hard freaking work?! I got chills and goosebumps and immediately woke up to my morning routine (journaling followed by meditation).

Seymore Faltz, Feeling

I personified my ego, Seymore Faltz, and painted him so I could compassionately talk myself off the ledge from time to time. He hangs on my office wall, tapping his foot.

Honestly, I’ve had a positively banner week so far!

I’ve turned in my 2nd round of edits on FTW book, written & rewritten an article for YourTango, written 4 blog posts, a detailed outline and part of the script for the upcoming Conscious transitions course…not to mentions emails, texts and social media.

I’ve written SO many words…abundant verbiage, abundant sentiment, abundant intention!! 

I have already produced SO. MUCH. ABUNDANCE. and it feels amazing!

The most motivating thing about this experiment so far is that I’m not producing this content because it, specifically, will bring in the money. It might and as part of my overall business plan it should but that’s not the goal from this purely feeling space that I’m holding. I’m whipping out words because, at least for now, it makes me feel freeeeeeeeeeee. I also notice it is in alignment with another item on The Manifesto, CREATE.

What does abundance feel like to you? What would go on your abundance manifesto if you had one? How do you handle the scary stories?