Theta Wave Meditations


Think you’re no good at meditating? Think again.

You’ve heard all the reasons meditation is good for you but your focus wanes, you don’t feel calm or you just plain snooze.

While there is no such thing as a “bad” meditation you can at least stack the deck in your favor with these easy, everyday guided meditations that help you create a deeper, more focused meditation without the zzz’s.



For beginners and experts alike these guided meditations are recorded with a Theta Wave soundtrack to help you go to deeper levels of meditation where real transformation happens quickly.

Just 3 minutes, 3 times a day works wonders on your brain chemistry and overall sense of well being.

This product is a bundle of 4 mp3s:

  • Introduction, Expectations and Instructions
  • 3 minute meditation: simple breathing exercise to get you focused.
    • Perfect for transitions during the day like before work or meetings or shifting gears between work and home life.
  • 9 minute meditation: 3 minute breathing exercise coupled with a visualization process.
    • Ideal for integrating new epiphanies, dream analysis or simply being with your feelings when you need to.
  • 20 minute meditation: 3 minute breathing exercise + mind/body/spirit exercise.
    • For those times when you need deep healing or when you need manifestation energy in the physical.

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