The Secret To Achieving Your New Years Resolution Lies In Your Willingness To Change Yourself Instead Of Your Circumstances.

I wish we were sitting around a fire, drinking hot chocolate and getting to know each other so I could give you the rich detail necessary to drive these lessons home. There’s so much more to the story of how I recently became gainfully employed (without even trying) than I can easily say here.

The topic itself is something you’d hear from “The Secret” or any Law of Attraction seminar.*

  1. Focus on what you want.
    1. I needed a way to bring my skills into the corporate space get paid handsomely for it.
  2. Envision it.
    1. I wrote speeches and workshops. I pictured the conversations I’d have with participants.
  3. Forget the “hows.”
    1. I dissolved the “I need to do X to make this happen,” beliefs as they cropped up.
  4. Let it come.
    1. I noticed any emotional attachments to outcomes and used them as a chance to practice being super present.

I mean, that’s what I did but it’s just not as simple as that. Nor was the process pain-free.

Additionally, I hold no illusions about my future. I’ll still experience more “lessons” (read: panic, fear, doubt, etc) in trust and surrender as I aim even higher in life. There’s no “landing point” in life. We are constantly challenged so we must constantly grow.

In A Nut Shell

One of my best friends in the whole wide world literally texted me one day to see if I’d be interested in learning more about a job she knew I’d be perfect for. She’d been aching to take some of these responsibilities off of her plate and finally got the approval to hire someone into the position.
She also knew that I was at a crossroads in my life and business. Without a reliable second income everything I’d built personally and professionally was on a precipice.

Sounds perfect.

Sounds easy.

Exclusively focus on the “perfect and easy” aspects, however, and you’d leave out the most helpful (and often painful) parts.

The Journey Toward The Gift Did Not Always Feel Like A Solution Was Coming

While the solution for both of us is, in a lot of ways, ideal it is also imperfect. More importantly, understand that while this pinnacle moment really was easy, the path to get to it was not. Also, the end result was not what I pictured in my head. I never EVER thought my inroad into the corporate world as an actual job.

I’ve worked on my money story and my energy around abundance for years.

The trick is to catch your negative story (stress) and get really present to what actually is happening in the exact moment you’re in (peace). The calmer state of mind helps you find proof of a more positive story and changes your belief over time. As your beliefs change so do your circumstances.

At each painful turn remind yourself (find proof for) what resides within you that is helpful to your goals.

These were my most popular ones:

  1. I’m tenacious as hell, even if I do lose everything (again) I’ll be quite alright in the end.
  2. When  I remember to keep my head up I easily find solutions that seem to come out of nowhere.
  3. Whether it’s the problem or the solution there is no out of “nowhere.” Everything that is happening now is a result of my previous focus and efforts.

I can’t pretend that I faced every financial curve ball with the stalwart conviction of my inevitable success. Every turn had some terrifying aspect to it. Which is GOOD! That terror is how I knew exactly where I needed practice.

Remember What You’ve Asked For

The practice that makes all the difference is to remember exactly what you’ve asked for. In my case, I had asked to heal my money wounds and any limiting beliefs I had around money. That meant I had to know where they were. What better way to show them to me than to put me in scary financial situations???

Ask for change and you ask for growth.
Ask for growth and you ask for tribulations.
Treat your tribulations as if they serve you and they will.

You build tenacity by picking yourself back up…even when you think you cannot.

You create a positive outlook when you train yourself to keep looking for the gifts you have.

Appreciate your gifts. Savor Them.

Your strengths are the tools you have in your toolbox. Your gifts, inherent and otherwise, are your problem-solving resources. Focus on them and you’ll get through anything.

Everything you’ve asked for, combined with every decision you’ve made has led you to the very moment you’re standing in. That means, everything you do today informs the outcomes of tomorrow.

Every thought prompt in the first 3rd of January’s “Passion on Purpose” is about gaining clarity. The daily email helps you figure out exactly what you need to:

  1. Create the conditions to make the changes you require and
  2. Find the tools you already have within you to bring your desired results to fruition.

Whether you’re taking advantage of the Passion on Purpose opportunity or not you can still make headway on your own personal practices for 2019.

  1. Remember what you’ve asked for and steel yourself for the practice.
    It’s only through repetitions and re-commitment that you forge the life change you’ve asked for.
  2. Look at absolutely everything you have to your advantage.
    This can be within yourself as well as your circumstances. You have tools that you’re meant to build through use as you grow.
  3. Trust yourself and your journey.
    You’re constantly attracting what you focus on. With increased focus on what you desire comes increased results.

Expect The Journey, Expect The Gift

As you set your 2019 intentions and resolutions remember that in doing so you’re asking for the practices that build the change you want.

Intend to reach out to loved ones more?
You will not be magically imbued with more time to connect with friends and family. You’ll have tough choices that force you to practice your new priorities.

Need more “me time?”
The guilt of choosing self-care will not suddenly turn into joy. Instead, more people will need you and they’ll need you more than ever…until you make a habit of prioritizing yourself without guilt.

Weight will not suddenly drop off until you commit (and recommit) to treating healthy habits as an act of self-love.

Gratifying work does not appear until you treat risk (learning & growth) as a curious adventure.

Once you understand that the receiving comes after the believing you’ll recognize every scary twist and turn of your life for what it is. Practice.

New Year’s Gift

If you’re already subscribed to the free thought prompts, Passion on Purpose, you have a massive head start. Tiny little shifts in the way you think bring the epiphanies you need to create helpful beliefs. Journal about them. Ponder them. Share them with a friend.

If you’re not already subscribed then get started today.

Ask a friend to join you. The extra accountability and thinking partner is sure to accelerate your results.