Today was a day of confirmation that I’m headed in the right direction.

A Day of Confirmation

I just went about my usual business today it just happened to include some moments that made me feel really grateful I was paying attention. Which makes me wonder how often I’m not. How much do I miss simply because I’m not as intentional as I’d like to be? How much did I miss in another area of my life simply because I’m so myopic on The Abundance Experiment? Rumination for another time. Right now I’m focusing on the wonderful day of confirmation I just had.

I’ve been working really hard on the Conscious Transitions: Home Course in Grief and Growth. It was part of the tough decision I had to make last week – do I work on that course or go be with my family – and it’s the next promise I’ve made to people who’ve asked and already paid for it. It’s also, quite obviously, my next stream of income and a lot more passive and digitally marketable than the bulk of my income, 1 on 1 coaching. I’m excited to continue working in that direction for a lot of reasons.

This morning, at my Toastmasters meeting, we had an open house to introduce our club to community. I ran into Mitch Krayton a wonderful man who experienced a tragic loss when his wife passed after an accident last fall. I’d given him the workbook I’d originally titled “Transitions Workbook,” the beta version of the Conscious Transitions course that’s in progress today.

Mitch sought me out after the meeting so he could tell me how pivotal the tools were to his process and healing. He said he’s never seen anything like it even though he’d really looked hard for something to help him grieve healthfully. It took me a moment to process what he was saying as I unintentionally began to downplay it, “I’m reworking those tools now and realize I could’ve done a lot better job explaining the tools.” He wouldn’t have it. He told me he shared it with his grief counselor and with Jewish Family Services. He proceeded to tell me how I could be making a LOT of money running workshops off of the material.

The absolute icing on the cake, cherry on top, bonus-iest of the bonuses was him telling me how successful he’s become in his business, that he found the perfect compliment as a business partner and there’s all of this room for potential and growth in new directions for both of them.

Mitch set the intention and did the real work and deserves all the credit. I’m dang proud of him. I know that work is not easy and he is doing it with aplomb. I’m still going to celebrate the fact that I got to play a tiny part in this success story!!

I didn’t even know I needed the encouragement but the short time it took him to tell me how impactful my work had been for him has revved up my efforts as well as my creative flow. The “work” (really play) has just poured out of me putting me back in that feeling of effortlessness.

Then, before I left…

One of the last conversations I had as I was leaving the gentleman with whom I was speaking ends with, “Oh, you’re life coach? My wife could use you. She has the hardest time making transitions,” and proceeded to regale me with examples.

He actually used the word “transitions!”

But wait, there’s more

I get home to an email from one of the people that helped make my time in Barcelona teaching at the International Trader’s Conference one of the best experiences ever. Maud at FXStreet emailed me. She’d done a piece on me 5 years ago as a part of a larger idea “Women in Forex.” She knows I’ve moved on to Life Coaching and still asked if she could do a kind of “where are they now” piece. This is international coverage! I’d have said yes, anyway, because she’s a fabulous person…but geez, Louise what a great opportunity for exposure too.

What a day of confirmation, right??

Our ability to love our lives resides solely in the meaning we give to the details that make up each day. Today, I choose meaning that propels me forward.

What kind of confirmation could you receive, right now, other than money that would confirm in your mind that you’re on the right track in your endeavors?