I accidentally mixed my energies with others’ who may not have my best interest at heart

Mixed Energies

It’s taken me a couple days to decide whether or not to post this because I want The Abundance Experiment to be about staying in the energy, what that feels like and if it even works. I don’t want to throw anyone under the bus or make anyone feel badly, for any reason. Still….I’m reminded that I am not an island unto myself. I cannot help but intermingle my efforts with others’.

I want to stay true to this experiment though and report all of the results, all of the ones I’m conscious of anyway, to keep myself accountable and to anyone else who may decide to try it out. I don’t think either of these people even read this blog but because I don’t want you to think poorly of them I’ll be obfuscating their identities.

A couple nights ago I had 2 experiences with 2 different people back to back.

1. I shared a little of my excitement about some of the confirmation I’d received that day with someone who I’ve suspected for quite some time doesn’t really want to see me succeed. If you were to ask him directly, I feel he would say that he absolutely does want to see me succeed. I feel that, on a conscious level, he’d be telling the truth. Subconsciously, however, there’s a lot of evidence to say otherwise. He’s not a bad person, he’s just not working through his own junk so he projects it onto others, including me.

2. Someone very close to me, who I feel is entangled in this abundance work with me to a large degree, had this really odd, totally unexpected meltdown over money and started voicing limited beliefs I didn’t even know she had. I was repulsed, to be honest. I’m pretty sure my face crinkled as I uttered one syllable in absolute disgust, “ew.”

Aside from the being a complete and utter buzzkill after the amazing day I’d had it also brought up a very important question in my mind as I was trying to fall asleep that night, “how much do their energies matter to the what I’m trying to pull off here?”

When we have mixed energies with people very close to us, how much does that affect our personal decisions to change our lives?

My first response was to go inward and visualize cutting ties between us. The first person, I realized very quickly, had already been severed and I readily let it go. The second person, however, we’re like a freaking ball of yarn!! I don’t want to cut all of our ties, just any unhealthy ones related to abundance. That’s an interesting problem, however, because abundance means a lot of things. As I’ve felt over and over again abundance is a very distinct feeling and not just about money itself. I noticed as I explored each thread of this convoluted mess of ours that there were several of them that felt the same to me. I visualized moments of unadulterated laughter in one of them. Another held a moment of such calm and peace I felt warm all over. I realized that I didn’t want to sever any ties to this person. Not yet.

I did something I don’t often do. I fell asleep to a meditation where I’d guided myself up above me, above her, above our house, our neighborhood, our state, our country, our world and sat in this much larger Truth (this applies to all of us); right now, each and every one of us has the potential to have more than we think we need. I fell asleep in that Knowing.


This was the Dictionary.com Word of the Day the following morning!!!


Do Mixed Energies Affect What You’re Trying To Create?

I don’t have a definitive answer for that. I feel like there was certainly potential for it to, not because those people have a direct say in my inner or outer work, but because I was almost sucked into the drama of it all. If I’d have mixed energies with them I’d be pretty much as far away from the abundance feeling as I could be.

It seems to be like everything else I talk about. When someone is mean to you it’s an opportunity to practice something like grace, forgiveness, etc. Well, this work is the same.

When someone starts to drag you down with their counter-productive beliefs that’s your opportunity to strengthen yourself in the feeling you want to create, not the feeling that’s begging you to dive in.

By the way, I’m almost ¾ of the way to my original money goal with 3 days left! Along with some drips that came in over the week, I got another deposit from my ex (I have NO idea where he got it) just this morning. We’ll see where we land on Sunday night and then my next goal begins.

How do you handle it when your goals are different from those around you?