I don’t know how else to say it but after yesterday’s post…something is shifting for me.

I’m Celebrating That Something is Shifting

I wrote yesterday how I’d felt disappointed and a little stagnant after not hitting my 14 day goal. I recounted the little things that had happened; each and every one of them contributes to my feeling of abundance.

Then…out of nowhere these things happened:

  • I got almost 40 followers on Twitter and I have no idea where they came from. I’d been hovering around 730 followers when I started this blog series and right now have 838.
  • My Your Tango article gained another 300 social shares in a single day even after it had been removed from their homepage. I want to be clear on this…I have yet to have a single person I know share this article!! Even though I’ve shared the crap it with my immediate sphere of influence, these shares are all strangers.
  • Stats the Your Tango articles were released and the two articles I wrote that hit the homepage last week were #1 and #3 in social shares.
  • I had 3 newsletters share either my article or an article I shared in their newsletter which got me public mention with their audience
  • Seems like there was something else but I forget now.

Can you see that something is shifting??

Waaaaaayyyy back when I did the crowdfunding campaign for my book I wrote about how I’d apparently signed a contract that no one else agreed to. I’d been building a network of people who I supported very willingly but who didn’t support me back. It’s been on my mind since then that I want to be “out there” to a crowd who values what I do…not because they thing I’m a cool gal to know (which I am) but because they genuinely value my message and services. I’ve been holding that intention for months and now something is shifting for me that is bringing that all to fruition. I was so excited when it all clicked for me that I had to call my friend Colleen who has shared this intention with me.

I don’t know what it all means yet but I can feel the difference. It’s hard to explain…it’s like that moment in yesterday’s video when it all clicks and the guy jabs at his forehead and says, “That’s it. I found it. I found it.”

I don’t want to clamor after it, because that’s fear. And I don’t want to question it because that’s doubt. So…for now I’m just basking in that “a-ha” feeling.

There’s a sweet spot that I’ve hit. I don’t know how I hit it. I don’t know how long it will last. I don’t know what the ultimate results will be but I found it. I found it.

How can you tell when something is shifting in you?